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    Indian Scramjet and Hypersonic Programs

    Hstdv test incoming @Zapper @Nilgiri
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    Malaysia LCA Program News & Discussion

    He's wrong about Israeli radar on tejas too Uttam aesa radar is already developed It's now matter of assembling in
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    News Pakistan announces permanent residency scheme for rich foreign nationals

    No,thousands of Bangladeshi Hindus massacred by terrorist state of Pakistan army,which it yet does not acknowledge
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    A VIEW TO A KILL . China shows off high-tech Z-10 attack chopper helmets that can aim deadly machine guns using pilot’s EYESIGHT in chilling vid

    I admire China in this And so do India Propaganda warfare is important, only stupid countries will ignore it to show that their "image" is good
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    Indian Cruise Missile Programs

    Very interesting,this should be 5m above the sea!
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    Indian Jet Engine and Gas Turbine Programs

    83kn thrust in indian condition=90kn in western conditions.
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    Indian Jet Engine and Gas Turbine Programs

    What I mean is indigenous development,our own program sort of
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    Turkish Propulsion Systems

    Not the right thread But as far as I know We directly jumped to kaveri. We did not even have smaller turbofan programs. Manik(stfe) and hal derivatives came later.
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    Turkish Propulsion Systems

    India's case was different We went a lot optimistic Without having sufficient fund,facility. India spent only 2 billion usd for development of kaveri without test facilities. What did we achieve? Kaveri helped us to advance our R&D of turbofan engines,intact now kaveri most issues have been...
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    War in Afghanistan

    Cherry picking? You can literally search all over internet. So Pakistan will give reports that naxalism is losing in india? Ttp will not lose and will continue to kill TSPA till they accept demands of ttp. Pakistan wanted proxy war,you get what you wanted. Afghanistan isn't a property of...
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    War in Afghanistan

    LOL fighting for their cause Well listen from them That how their nefarious plans are failing old article but still relevent Meanwhile surrender Pakistan accepted...
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    War in Afghanistan

    What happened to naxalites afterwards? Approx 30 naxals were killed with their body as video proof as "revenge" Also naxalism is being decreasing if you see map and compare yearly. LMAO khalistan terrorism is literally the biggest joke Most of them are living in foreign countries with little...
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    Historical Indian War History Thread

    Used many times One was b/w battle of porus and Alexander. It was used by mughals as well.

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