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    MIUS ¦ Akinci ¦ Aksungur | Plus Various Turkish Unmanned Autonomous Programs

    UAE in talks to acquire shares from Baykar. If that happens its big fucking news and bad too imo. A country so openly hostile to Turkey should not be allowed anywhere near our defence companies.
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    Turkish Politics

    If you have nothing substantial to add, you might as well do not comment.
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    Turkish Defense Exports & Updates

    1. we dont know what they got. 2. maybe the contract was signed long before CATS was ready.
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    Turkish Industry, Science and Technology

    Unrelated to the topic, but if we could do the same support to other industries, that would be nice. Because defence alone wont safe the economy. And only a good and running economy will be able to support all these defence projects.
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    Indonesia and Turkey signed defense agreement worth 2 billion $

    Looking forward to seeing joint projects in the future.
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    Turkish Air Force News & Discussion

    Before any of that and what you said before happens Erdogan will be out of the office.
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    Mali requests from Turkey to deploy troops

    A training mission is the only thing that I can see happening. We simply do not have the means to give them the support they need right now. Neither monetary nor equipment wise.
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    Air-Force Turkey asks U.S. to buy 40 F-16 jets to upgrade Air Force

    S400 is still biting our ass. All these years of acting though and as if it was a non issue and that we would not loose our edge over the neighbouring countries were lies. We could have had the first F35s by now, and now we're looking to panic buy F16s or even worse Russian junk.
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    Turkish Intervention in Syria

    Arrest demands at interpol can be very well ignored if the countries want, Turkey has issues many arrest warrants that were not enforced in the countries. It entirely depends on the number of requests you make and your reputation too.
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    Turkish Economy & Updates

    The thing is, something like that good directly from the producers already exists with around 400 stores: But apparently (i never seen them) the prices are even higher than at BIM and the sorts, because they of course pay a fairer price to the producers/farmers...
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    Live Conflict Azerbaijan and Armenia clash over Nagorno-Karabakh region Updates & Discussion

    Sadly the Americans are losing interest in the region, but adding Azerbaijan to the countering Iran axis would be a win win for Azerbaijan and the US.
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    Turkish Politics

    Not exactly communism, state enterprises have been a thing in many capitalistic countries. Nevertheless, makes you think, how bad the economic decisions are. Not even the good retailers like BIM, that are close to the government, see any room for lowering the prices for you know food and your...
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    Live Conflict Azerbaijan and Armenia clash over Nagorno-Karabakh region Updates & Discussion Stumbled up on this piece. Looks like there's still a way for the corridor.
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    German Politics

    Merkel would have surely performed better if not won. But if there's one thing German people like its stability and no fucking around. So Scholz was the obvious successor because he's kinda similar in his ways but more social. CDUs candidate was a big joke, tried to play the lefties/communist...
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    Casual Discussion TOGG - Turkey's Automotive Joint Venture Group (Türkiye'nin Otomobili Girişim Grubu)

    The success of TOGG in exports will be hard. They are starting with nothing, no PR no brand.

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