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    After Pulwama, Doval’s office & RAW relied on 2 foreign journalists to talk to ISI, book claims

    After Pulwama, Doval’s office & RAW relied on 2 foreign journalists to talk to ISI, book claims Journalists Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark claim in their new book that Pakistan denied involvement in the 2019 Pulwama attack, something Indian agencies didn’t believe. ANANYA BHARDWAJ 12 August...
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    India Sports Thread

    Neeraj Chopra 1st Indian To Win Olympic Gold In Athletics | Live Updates
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    Casual Discussion Chutney Map of India

    @Nilgiri @Jackdaws @Raptor @T-123456
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    SHOULD CANADA HAVE A FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SERVICE? Do we need to send Canadians abroad to spy on our enemies? Canada has no foreign human intelligence service – an espionage agency - like the British or Australian Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). A Canadian secret service, properly directed...
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    US refers to Valley as ‘union territory’, but says Kashmir policy is unchanged

    WASHINGTON: The US State Department used the term “union territory” while referring to India-occupied Jammu and Kashmir in its news briefing on Wednesday, but it emphasised at the same time that Washington’s Kashmir policy remained unchanged. “We welcome steps to return the union territory of...
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    Border faceoff: Pangong retreat, dismantling of infrastructure mark another first for the PLA

    NEW DELHI: After suffering border casualties in Galwan, the retreat and dismantling of military infrastructure in Pangong Tso marks another first in recent history for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) that has refused to vacate occupied territory like the artificial South China Sea islands...
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    These Acquisitions And Upgrades Could Give Greece’s Air Force A Formidable Edge Over Turkey

    Greece’s goals to acquire new fighter jets and upgrade its existing air force could see the Hellenic Air Force (HAF) attain a very formidable qualitative edge over its Turkish rival by the end of the 2020s. Greece and Turkey are presently locked in an increasingly tense and dangerous standoff...
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    Pakistan attempts to prosecute Ahmadi US citizens for digital blasphemy

    In 2016, Pakistan enacted digital regulations that allow authorities to block online content in the 'interest of the glory of Islam.' The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community website Screengrab January 13, 2021 By Aysha Khan Share Tweet Share Reddit Flip Email (RNS) — Pakistani...
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    India - France Archive

    France has reportedly proposed to completely transfer the assembly line of Panther helicopters, as well as 70% of that of Rafale fighters to India. The offer is in line with PM Modi’s “Make in India” initiative to strengthen the country’s manufacturing capacity through technology transfer...
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    Indian History Archive

    Bahirji Naik Bahirji Naik was an Indian spy, military commander and an efficient soldier, and notable Ramoshi-Berad in the army of Shivaji Maharaj in the time of the Mughal Empire. His valor and bravery induced the man to perform espionage in enemy camps when the time and conditions were...
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    TikTok to be banned from US app stores from Sunday

    TikTok to be banned from US app stores from Sunday T ikTok will be removed from US app stores from midnight on Sunday as Washington implements executive orders from President Donald Trump that also target WeChat, a Chinese social media app. The US commerce department, which announced the move...
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