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  1. Nein2.0(Nomad)

    Defence Q&A Do Bullpups have a future?

    This is the question a lot of people have been asking even debating. I want to ask you guys about bullpup firearms. Do they have a future?? Or is the conventional design just too better to rather look for different design configurations when it comes to firearms. France replaced their Famas...
  2. Nein2.0(Nomad)

    Two Australian soldiers attacked by a crocodile

    Man seriously them being soldiers they should have known better. These places up northern Australia are crocodile infested waters from the beaches to rivers.
  3. Nein2.0(Nomad)

    South African Unrest Thread

    Anything regarding the riots that are ripping South Africa apart due to the jailing of former president Jacob Zuma.
  4. Nein2.0(Nomad)

    Turkic- Military culture thread

    A thread dedicated to Turkic military history. Thread covers Pre-Islamic, Post Islamic and modern times of Turkic military history.
  5. Nein2.0(Nomad)

    The Ghaznavids from slaves to the rulers of Central Asia.

    Ghaznavids were elite slave soldiers only to become the rulers of the region. Their empire spanned from Central Asia to India.
  6. Nein2.0(Nomad)

    Sagallo, Russia's Short-Lived Cossack Colony In Africa Russia tried to take a piece of the African pie by building its first colony in what is now Djibouti but the plan failed as France dislodged the Russian colonists and the Imperial Russian Government...
  7. Nein2.0(Nomad)

    Agent Orange

    Simpilfied account of USA's most notorious chemical weapon of the Vietnam War. Today the long term effects still plague the Vietnamese people and American veterans of the Vietnam war.
  8. Nein2.0(Nomad)

    History of the Turks- Every year

    History of the Turks see how the Turks left their mark on the Eurasian World. Includes both Pre-Islamic and Post-Islamic Periods.
  9. Nein2.0(Nomad)

    Casual Discussion Motorsport and Car Thread

    Since there is no dedicated Motorsport thread or a thread dedicated to cars. I made one. Post whatever involving motorsport like Lemans, F1, GT racing, Wrc, nascar, V8 Supercars, DTM and other forms of motorsport. Also your rides or whatever car news can be shared here from pictures to videos...
  10. Nein2.0(Nomad)

    Casual Discussion Wildlife Thread

    Post anything regarding wildlife. Pictures, videos and documentaries can do. Here is mine. I love sharks a lot.
  11. Nein2.0(Nomad)

    Prototype/Concept Small Arms Thread

    Post anything of prototype or concept small arms. From picture to specifications. Videos will be great too. Here is mine. HK G11 Here is a video of it from Forgotten Weapons.

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