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    Turkish Naval Programs

    Submarine test infrastructure
  2. Cabatli_53

    TF-X Turkish Fighter & Trainer Aircraft Projects

    "In the very near future, Turkey will make its own aircraft engine and compete with the world. We will continue on our way by taking further steps in our national defense. The imperialist powers know that if Turkey continues this march, Turkey will establish its national defense system, air...
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    Casual Discussion TOGG - Turkey's Automotive Joint Venture Group (Türkiye'nin Otomobili Girişim Grubu)

    The TOGG's steering wheel needs a little retouch but its very similar to the Volvo's.
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    Turkish Naval Programs

    From the messages of Ismail Demir: Vertical Launch System: National missiles will be launched from this system. While the works are being carried out, care is taken in the planning so that the ships in the navy (active duty) will not be disrupted...
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    Turkish Missile & Smart Munition Programs

    Ismail Demir: Both TUBITAK SAGE and ROKETSAN work in coordination for RamJet engine. When the first test takes place, the good news will be announced to the public."
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    Turkish Attack & Utility Helicopter Programs

    20mm national single cannon of attack helicopters three barrel gatling gun
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    Altay & Turkish Main Battle Tank Programs

    If this issue is real, there is no reason to harbor hostility or ill will towards Turkey and Turkish people on this issue. Everyone demands everything, what matters is the attitude of the person being offered. If the issue is the illegal transfer of sensitive technology, the person whose...
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    Turkish Attack & Utility Helicopter Programs

    T129 Atak 20mm gatling gun TrMekatronic
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    Turkish Naval Programs

  10. Cabatli_53

    Turkish Naval Programs

    TCG Ufuk joined the inventory.
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    Space Turkish Space Programs

    TUA Moon mission presentation
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    Defence Fair EDEX 2021

    Egypt MRTP-20
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    Turkish Foreign Policy & Geopolitics

    In February, President Erdoğan will visit UAE
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    Turkish Missile & Smart Munition Programs

    ATOM 40mm
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    Turkish Oil & Gas Exploration Update & Discussion

    A new gas reserve has been found in Black Sea. It will be announced soon.
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    Turkish Air Defence Programs

    Mr Fuat Oktay: "Land based firing tests of the (MIDAS) vertical launch system will be carried out in 2022."

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