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  1. Saithan

    Turkish Economy & Updates

    world Qatar: We are evaluating the opportunities that will arise in Turkey due to the economic situation President Erdogan landed in Qatar while the budget negotiations were going on. Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu stated that they did not seek financial support in Qatar, while Qatari Foreign...
  2. Saithan

    Turkish Intervention in Syria

    Israel launches airstrike on Latakia port Syrian state television announced that the Israeli Air Force targeted the port of Latakia. 07 December 2021 03:44Updated: 07 December 2021 03:47 A new one has been added to Israel's attacks targeting Syrian territory since 2011. Syrian state...
  3. Saithan

    Turkish Land Vehicle Programs

    Does the STA come with a RWS 7,62mm or 12,7mm aside from the anti-tank armament ? I know it's designed to hunt tanks, but if TB2 can take out tanks then STA would need a secondary role. Perhaps something like Drone hunter or such (perhaps that's why it has Cirit). Would it be possible to make...
  4. Saithan

    Turkey's Internal Counter-Terrorism Operations

    Turkish security forces kill top PKK terrorist in Şanlıurfa BY DAILY SABAH ISTANBUL DEC 07, 2021 - 9:11 AM GMT+3 Counterterrorism squads raid a home in Adana, Turkey. (AA File Photo) Security forces killed a top wanted PKK terrorist in a counterterrorism operation in Turkey’s southeastern...
  5. Saithan

    Tenders, privatizing and investments 2002-

    TOKİ to put 307 plots under hammer ANKARA The Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKİ) will put up 307 building plots in 29 provinces for auction on Dec. 22-23, according to a statement released on Dec. 6. Auctions will take place in Ankara and Istanbul, and participation will be...
  6. Saithan

    Space Turkish Space Programs

    Göktürk 1 covering the needs of TAF. One is not enough!
  7. Saithan

    Conflict in Ukraine

    Ukraine is fucked. Everything points towards a losing hand. Unless EU builds 1000 nuclear power plants and gain independence in energy. Turkey’s TB2 and a lot of them will most likely be best deterrent. I hope we’ll see Akinci hunt in the skies of Ukraine. With swarm capabilities and 100 harop...
  8. Saithan

    Ethiopia's Tigray Conflict

    Ethiopias federal army has made important gains. Thanks to the UCAV.
  9. Saithan

    Conflict in Ukraine

    In case of Donbas erupting. Which is likely what Russia will start with instead of driving over the border with their regiments. Any guesses or analysis on how Ukraine is going to counter ? The militia has already dug in and likely created a lot of traps and such with explosive (e.g. Libya)...
  10. Saithan

    Turkish Refugee Problem|News & Discussions

    Istanbul to turn into UN hub, humanitarian operation center Önder Yılmaz - ISTANBUL The comprehensive efforts of Turkish authorities toward the goal of turning Istanbul into a U.N. hub in line with Turkey’s business and humanitarian foreign policy are bearing fruit. The U.N. will relocate...
  11. Saithan

    Iraqi Armed Forces

    Erşat Salihi: 'Kirkuk Special Force' should be established Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITC) Kirkuk Deputy Erşat Salihi demanded the establishment of the Kirkuk Special Force affiliated to the Iraqi central government. 06 December 2021 11:42 Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITC) Kirkuk Deputy Erşat Salihi touched...
  12. Saithan

    Why France faces so much anger in West Africa
  13. Saithan

    Myanmar Civil War
  14. Saithan

    Japans islands, disputes & updates

    Japan army scales up against Russian, Chinese moves near border BY ASSOCIATED PRESS ENIWA, JAPAN DEC 06, 2021 - 8:46 AM GMT+3 A Japanese Ground-Self Defense Force (JGDDF) Type 90 tank fires its gun at a target during the annual drill with live ammunitions exercise at Minami Eniwa Camp, in...
  15. Saithan

    Altay & Turkish Main Battle Tank Programs

    It kinda makes sense as Russia would be more interested in pushing forward capturing land and holding it as fast as possible with Air support and since they have nukes an all out war doesn't seem realistic. Which kinda means Russia will be able to grab and hold on to whatever they can get...
  16. Saithan

    Conflict in Ukraine

    I see what you mean, but even warships would have to wait to pass through the strait right, so flying the units would be fastest way to deploy them. I get a feeling this scenario is being manipulated.
  17. Saithan

    Space Turkish Space Programs

  18. Saithan

    Conflict in Ukraine

    Well either NATO has a strike team ready to be deployed in matter of hours and very much up Russias face or this’ll be another example of how European NATO allies fail again.
  19. Saithan

    Turkish Naval Programs Maybe it’s a solution based on Aselsans productd.
  20. Saithan

    TF-X Turkish Fighter & Trainer Aircraft Projects

    Read the tweet again. Hürjet engine has nothing to do with Russia.

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