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  1. Gessler

    Analysis India-Specific Enhancements to start by January 2022 for IAF Rafales

    The various "India-Specific Enhancements" or ISEs that were contracted in the Rafale deal will begin being carried out on IAF's fleet starting January 2022. About 13 of them are publicly available to list: Radio Altimeter height measurement increased from 10,000 feet to 15,000 feet Radar...
  2. Gessler

    Navy Future of the Indian Navy: Combatant Fleet Composition

    Future of the Indian Navy This is a list I'm making using purely open-source information regarding the fleet composition of the Indian Navy in the foreseeable future (confirmed programs seen through to their logical end, alongside existing vessels expected to serve till a reasonably distant...
  3. Gessler

    Analysis U.S. Senators introduce amendment supporting CAATSA sanctions waiver for India

    The move comes head of India’s delivery of the S-400 Triumf missile defence system from Moscow Three Republican Senators have introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act FY2022 – an annual defence budget bill – to make it harder for the executive branch of the U.S...
  4. Gessler

    Navy Indian Naval Aviation

    Use this thread to post news, updates & discussions about all Aviation assets (manned & unmanned) of the Indian Navy.
  5. Gessler

    Analysis New UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss Seeks Alliances with India, Japan & Canada

    ‘Freedom’ warrior Liz Truss seeks a world of new allies to take on the baddies The new foreign secretary wants to fight ‘malign’ forces with free-trade deals linked to security pacts Britain is to strike new security deals with democratic countries to fight the influence of China and Russia...
  6. Gessler

    Analysis QUAD Joint Statement & Fact Sheet: A Few Pointers

    The official release of the Joint Statement from the first in-person summit of Quad leaders (US, India, Australia & Japan) can be found here: And the subsequent fact sheet here...
  7. Gessler

    Space 21st Century ASAT Weapon Tests

    Not much of a thread, just a sloppy poster I made a while back using MS Paint & Powerpoint
  8. Gessler

    News Hunter-class Frigate program delayed, first ship to be commissioned only in 2031

    "The start of construction of the navy’s $44 billion new fleet of frigates is poised to be pushed back for up to 18 months after the Morrison government agreed to delay the project because of issues with the design." "Work building the first frigate may not start in Adelaide until 2024, after...
  9. Gessler

    Space The Future of Indian Orbital Rockets

    As a continuation/Part-2 of "A Brief History of Indian Orbital Rockets" (, this part covers those programs that are still to come. NOTE: As with the preceding article, I will only be mentioning those programs that...
  10. Gessler

    Space A Brief History of Indian Orbital Rockets

    NOTE: In this compilation I'm only going to mention orbital-rated launch vehicles, as such any sub-orbital launchers/sounding rockets will not be mentioned. I'm going to divide this into two parts. The first part will cover the history up till this point, the second part will talk about where...

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