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  1. Agha Sher

    Balkan Tensions

    This seems to go under the radar, but there are some serious tensions between Serbia and Kosovo. Serbia has been shipping soldiers, artillery and tanks to the Kosovo border as well as flying fighter jets and military helicopters close to the border. Additionally, serbian terrorist have carried...
  2. Agha Sher

    Ukraine about to re-initiate the War in Donbass?

    Report of the Ukrainian Army capturing villages and towns in the Donbass region. If true, it would be the first liberation of Ukrainian land in years. Recently, Ukraine has shifted numerous brigades of armour and infantry to the region. In addition, Ukraine has acquired Turkish TB2 drones...
  3. Agha Sher

    Azerbaijan and Armenia clash over Nagorno-Karabakh region Updates & Discussion

    A lot of different exercises including armour and infantry. Also multiple daily TurAF cargo flights to Azerbaijan. Is something brewing?
  4. Agha Sher

    Increased tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia

    Tensions are once again high in the border region between the two countries as an Azerbaijani soldier was killed in recent ceasefire violations. Some reports indicate that Azerbaijan in mobilising its entire reserves.

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