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    TR Featured Anatolian Eagle 2022

    The military exercises began from June 20 and will continue till July 1, 2022 with the participation of NATO, Jordan, Azerbaijan, UK, Pakistan and Turkish Air and Naval Forces. Wednesday's events started with a briefing and participating forces carried flying manoeuvres made to the training...
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    Forum Announcement Server Upgrades

    To the attention of all our members; We are upgrading our servers to provide faster service. During this time, you may encounter connection problems. We promise it won't take long Regards..
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    Defence Fair DSA 2022 | Malaysia

    The biggest and most efficiently organised Defence and Homeland Security show in Asia is back to mark its 17th edition. Defence Services Asia Exhibition and Conference (DSA 2022) held alongside NATSEC (National Security – covering Law Enforcement, Public Security, Border Control) will take place...
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    Navy Saab Signs Contract for Mid-Life Upgrade of the Third Gotland-class Submarine

    Saab Signs Contract for Mid-Life Upgrade of the Third Gotland-class Submarine Saab has signed a contract with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) for the Mid-Life Upgrade (MLU) of the third Gotland-class submarine, HMS Halland. The total order value is SEK 1.1 billion. Saab...
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    Egypt Senate rejects bid to block $2B sale of military planes to Egypt

    Senate rejects bid to block $2B sale of military planes to Egypt The vote was a whopping 81-18 against advancing a resolution offered by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) to disapprove the sale of aircraft to Egypt. On the Senate floor, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) dinged President Joe Biden for emphasizing...
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    Singapore Defence Fair SINGAPORE AIRSHOW 2022

    About Singapore Airshow Every two years, high-level government and military delegations, as well as senior corporate executives around the world attend the Singapore Airshow to forge partnerships and seal deals in this region. As Asia's most influential airshow, this is the place to be for...
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    UK BAE Completes Successful Test of Newest Submarine

    A MAJOR milestone has been achieved in the life of the fifth Barrow-built Astute-class submarine.
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    France New French army’s video shows Jaguar armored vehicle in action

    The French Army has released its new video showing its newest 25-ton combat vehicle in action. The new combat and reconnaissance armored vehicle, known as Jaguar, is part of the Scorpion program, the first works of which began in 2014. The development of the Jaguar has been carried out since...
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    Air-Force US seeks to speed up delivery of new F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan

    Block 70 aircraft are the newest F-16 configuration with new avionics, a modernised cockpit, and an improved engine. The United States is looking for ways to potentially accelerate delivery of Taiwan’s next generation of new-build F-16 fighter jets, US officials said, bolstering the Taiwanese...
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    Air-Force Working with Gripen E - A lifestyle choice

    A lot has been talked about the capabilities of the new Gripen E fighter - its split avionics, advanced electronic warfare system, improved range, world class weapon system, reliable countermeasures system, modern human machine collaboration, cost-efficiency and so on. What has been less...
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    News Philippines to Acquire 32 New Black Hawk Helicopters

    Philippines to acquire 32 new Black Hawk helicopters MANILA, Jan 16 (Reuters) - The Philippines is buying 32 S-70i Black Hawk helicopters from Poland-based Sikorsky Aircraft subsidiary PZL Mielec to beef up its existing fleet of 12, the country's defence chief said on Sunday, as it seeks to...
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    Army Overhauled anti-aircraft guns “Shilka” were delivered to the Ukrainian military

    The state enterprise from Kharkiv region delivered a batch of overhauled ZSU-23-4M “Shilka” to the Ukrainian Ground Forces, reports Militarnyi with reference to the State Concern “Ukroboronprom”. Work on the repair of anti-aircraft self-propelled guns was carried out by the state enterprise...
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    Navy Taiwan Navy commissions Taiwan-built high-speed minelayers

    Taiwan’s navy has commissioned new high-speed minelayers built in Taiwan. The ships are the result of a navy project that involved an investment of over NT$900 million (US$33 million). In total, the navy commissioned four high-speed minelayers, which it received late last year. Military...
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    German Federal Armed Forces deployment in Iraq to continue

    The Federal Armed Forces are to continue their deployment against Islamic State (IS) with a focus on the stabilisation of Iraq. Up to 500 soldiers may be deployed up to 31 October 2022. This was agreed on by the Federal Cabinet. The Bundestag still has to agree to the resolution Germany is...
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    Air-Force Germany reconsiders the F-35 to replace the Tornado

    CLEMENT CHARPENTREAU The new German coalition government is reportedly considering the Lockheed Martin F-35A as a possible replacement for the nuclear-capable Panavia Tornado. The Panavia Tornado strike aircraft, which entered service in the 1970s, is the designated aircraft of the Luftwaffe...
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    Air-Force First Norwegian F-35 QRA mission

    After 42 years of service, in a historic milestone, F-16s were replaced by F-35 Lightning IIs for Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) missions in defense of Norwegian and NATO skies. The Royal Norwegian Air Force reported that it now has two F-35s that, from the Evenes base, are capable of taking off...
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    News Marine Corps Viper helicopter crashes near New Jersey base

    Photograph of AH-1Z Viper crash near Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J. on Jan. 7, 2022. (NBC Philadelphia; Jake Seidman) A Marine Corps AH-1Z “had a mishap” at about 3:30 p.m. EST on Thursday in Wrightstown, New Jersey, outside Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, officials confirmed. Two...
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    Navy Royal Navy looking for ‘Extra Large’ drone submarine

    Project CETUS will see the design and build of an ‘Extra Large Autonomous Underwater Vehicle’ which may one day work alongside Astute-class attack submarines. Titled “AUV DEMONSTRATOR DESIGN, BUILD AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT CONTRACT”, the contract tender notice has a value of £21.5m. There are...
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    Seoul to fund indigenous attack helicopter; replace Chinooks

    South Korea will fund the indigenous development of an attack helicopter to support amphibious attacks, and aims to replace its fleet of ageing Boeing CH-47D Chinooks. Seoul will spend W450 billion ($376 million) on a “Amphibious Attack Helicopter Project” through domestic research and...
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    New sixth generation fighter engine ends phase of testing

    GE has concluded phase one testing of its second XA100 adaptive cycle engine, a sixth generation fighter engine manufactured as part of the US Air Force’s Adaptive Engine Transition Program (AETP). Phase one testing took place at GE’s Evendale, Ohio, altitude test facility and enabled GE to...

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