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    TR KizilElma ¦ Akinci ¦ Aksungur | Plus Various Turkish Unmanned Autonomous Programs

    Whats with Turks and titles,really? "Meet with the Turkish Fighter UCAV.......
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    TR Turkish Air Force News & Discussion

    And when(timeline) would they(40 EF ''T3'') be ready for use if all went as planned?
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    Casual Discussion Introduction

    Welcome @akunsama (y)(y)(y)
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    TR Turkish Air Force News & Discussion

    So,where do we get them? EF T1 is not an option,whats left?
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    TR Turkish Air Force News & Discussion

    Stop dreaming guys. We wont get any new F16's,new kits,EF's or Gripen's. No matter what THK/TSK wants or needs,we will have to do with what we got until the MMU is ready. Hürjet can take over some duties,upgrade all the older F16's,use air defence systems,drones,missiles etc. We need to accept...
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    Casual Discussion Introduction

    Welcome @busdriver (y)(y)(y)
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    India Global Innovation Index: India breaks into top-40 for first time

    I guess we need to come up with more new innovations huh? India should be a top 10 country,top 20 at least for my country.
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    India Global Innovation Index: India breaks into top-40 for first time

    42Global Innovation Index 2022 What follows are highlights of the Global Innovation Index 2022 (GII) ranking. Appendix I provides details on how to interpret and analyze the results, particularly with regard to any year-on-year comparison of GII rankings, which requires cautious...
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    France denies reports of French army involvement after Burkina Faso coup

    France's army has had no involvement in recent events in Burkina Faso, the French embassy in Ouagadougou said on Saturday, a day after President Paul-Henri Damiba was declared ousted in a coup. The embassy said it was issuing its statement in response to reports circulating on social media...
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    Russia's Iran-Made Drones 'Failing' and Not Meeting Expectations: Pentagon

    Iranian-made drones being used by Russian forces in Ukraine have suffered from "numerous failures on the battleground," according to one top U.S. official. The claim was made by Sasha Baker, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy at the Department of Defense. On Wednesday, Baker attended...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    We all do. English is the forum language. The staff members(admins,mods,TTA's,professionals etc) .
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    Israel Israeli Army Receives 1,000 Orion Defense Systems

    A soldier using the Orion mobile mission planning system. Photo: Asio Technologies The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) has taken delivery of 1,000 Orion battle management systems to enhance its mission planning capabilities. Referred to locally as the Olar/Amud, the...
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    Korea S. Korea, U.S., Japan stage anti-sub navy drills amid N. Korean missile threats

    For the first time in five years, the naval forces of South Korea, the U.S., and Japan have conducted joint anti-submarine exercises near the Korean Peninsula. They were held on Friday in international waters off the east coast, and only a day after North Korea fired two short-range ballistic...
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    Kuwait Receives Another Two Eurofighter Typhoon Aircraft

    Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. Photo: Leonardo The Kuwait Air Force has taken delivery of another two Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft, bringing the total in the country to six. The delivery is part of a larger order for 28 fighters to boost the country’s military...
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    Sweden resumes arms exports to Turkey after NATO membership bid

    Swedish and NATO flags are seen printed on paper this illustration taken April 13, 2022. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration OSLO/STOCKHOLM, Sept 30 (Reuters) - Sweden's Inspectorate of Strategic Products (ISP) said on Friday reversed a ban against exporting military equipment to Turkey, following...
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    USA IonQ Secures Contract to Provide Quantum Solutions to United States Air Force Research Lab

    $13.4 million agreement for ion trap quantum computing marks the latest development in U.S. government-sponsored quantum research September 30, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time COLLEGE PARK, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--IonQ (NYSE: IONQ), an industry leader in quantum...
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    Korea Raytheon to upgrade Phalanx CIWS for South Korea

    Phalanx CIWS aboard USS Wasp. (Photo: USN/Daniel Barker) Raytheon is upgrading and converting four Phalanx systems to the Block 1B Baseline 2 configuration for the Republic of Korea Navy. Raytheon Missiles & Defense has obtained a $49.04 million modification to an FMS contract to provide the...
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    Australia Australian Navy, 21 Countries Complete Kakadu 2022 Maritime Exercise

    Participating ships of Exercise KAKADU 2022 sail in formation during the Photo Exercise off the coast of Darwin. Image: Royal Australian Navy More than 3,000 sailors and officers from 22 participating nations have completed the two-week Kakadu 2022 maritime exercise, the...
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    USA US Navy Orders 126,000 Anti-Submarine Warfare Sonobuoys

    A US Navy personnel loads a sonobuoy into an MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter. Photo: US Navy The US Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) has awarded a $182-million contract for the manufacture and delivery of 126,000 sonobuoys for submarine-hunting missions. As part of the...
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    Casual Discussion Introduction

    Welcome @Narsil (y) (y) (y)

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