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  1. Madokafc

    Australian man pleaded guilty for brokering arms trade deals between Indonesia and NorK

    Jadi Makelar Korea Utara dan Indonesia, Pria Sydney Ini Dipenjara 3 Tahun Reporter: Editor: Dewi Rina Cahyani Selasa, 27 Juli 2021 13:20 WIB Marinir Korea Selatan bersiap dengan menggunakan senjata berat saat mengikuti latihan militer di Pulau Baengnyeong Korea Selatan, yang...
  2. Madokafc

    Art, Dance, Music, Movie Anime

    Japanese soft culture actually much more important than what we thought
  3. Madokafc

    Pakistan giving support for China in SCS issue

    Edited By MOD: First post must be in English
  4. Madokafc

    Faulty Chinese armored vehicles threatens Gabon’s peacekeeping mission

    Faulty Chinese armored vehicles threatens Gabon’s peacekeeping mission November 28, 2020 Ekene Lionel Armoured vehicle, Gabon, Norinco A fleet of Chinese made VN-1 armored personnel carriers (the export version of its ZBL-08) acquired by Gabon last year has failed to live up to expectations...
  5. Madokafc

    Brazilian Army Thread

    Better to dedicated this thread to Army of Brazil until we gained Brazilian member.
  6. Madokafc

    Casual Discussion It is now the right time to set up Our Very Own "DARPA" Like Org?

    Recently since decade ago, Indonesia Ministry of Defense is and alongside with other research institution like CIRNOV, LIPI, BPPT, LAPAN and many State Owned Enterprise like PT PAL, PT DI, PT LEN, PT DAHANA, PT PINDAD and other is very active at military related and defense Development and in...
  7. Madokafc

    US Economy, activity, market and related issue

    Being the largest economy in the world for more than a Century and still continue for decades ahead , but surprisingly there is almost no one here give attention or fuck with USA economy and related issue. This is actually a great sin on our parts, if anything what US policy to do with their...
  8. Madokafc

    A Land Without Farmers Indonesia’s agricultural conundrum

    The rate at which the country is losing farmers is a cause for concern. If it continues, Indonesia is likely to have no farmers left in 50 years. What will we eat? “Well, we will be hungry,” said Adang Parman, 58, a farmer from Ciburial village in West Java. Every day, the father of three heads...
  9. Madokafc

    Indonesian Politics (History, Issue, culture and so on)

    Well, i am open this thread to talking about Indonesian Politics, in which actually quite complex and need more comprehensive knowledge to understanding the issue, psychology and culture of Indonesian people and related them to modern Indonesia politics.
  10. Madokafc

    Heli Doctor

    This is a very good program, safe time and more for any soul
  11. Madokafc

    Weaponry Spending Spree

    Weaponry Spending Spree 12 November 2020 18:19 WIB TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - IT is ironic: at a time when state funds are needed to battle the pandemic, the Indonesian Ministry of defense is spending more and more on the procurement of weapons. Claiming the need to modernize weapons systems to...
  12. Madokafc

    Cultural Song, and Music

    This video look like would be a trending in You Tube
  13. Madokafc

    Indonesia Infrastructure Program and Progress

    Jakarta LRT Jabodebek program is progressing, but there is still obstacle happened including land problem

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