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  1. dBSPL

    TR Domestically Developed CIWS, RCWS and Medium Calibre Naval Gun Systems

    Under this thread, I hope to bring together the naval type short-range anti-missile point defense, anti-aircraft, anti-surface, and ground support capable medium caliber weapon systems that are under development by Turkish defense industry or already in active service that produced locally, and...
  2. dBSPL


    A unified Army of Turkiye and Azerbaijan: An old dream or is it a phenomenon that is already happening? Let's discuss “In the event that the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, national security, or the immunity of internationally-recognized borders of either one of the sides is...
  3. dBSPL

    French Lafarge preparing to accept fine over $777 million for complicity in crimes against humanity

    In the case in the USA, it was announced that the French cement company Lafarge would plead guilty to "aiding Daesh". It was also stated that Lafarge had agreed to pay a fine of over $777 million for paying ISIS over several years during the conflict in Syria...
  4. dBSPL

    Investment support for unmanned helicopter and kamikaze drones

    It was decided to support Titra Teknoloji, which operates in the fields of unmanned systems and artificial intelligence, in the "regional-priority investment" category of its investment in the manufacturing of air and space vehicles in Ankara-Kahramankazan. Titra Teknoloji aims to produce 10...
  5. dBSPL

    TR Turkish torpedoes entrusted to HAVELSAN's technology

    HAVELSAN developed Torpedo Test Set in order to ensure that the torpedoes and shells work in the best possible way. HAVELSAN won the "innovative product" award in the "large company" category with its Torpedo Test Set (TTSET) product at the 20th Innovation and Creativity Awards organized by the...
  6. dBSPL

    TR SONITUS Autonomous Underwater Glider: NARVAL 1006

    Navigation: GPS, Pressure sensor, Altimeter, Gyro Diving Depth: +1000m Weight: 60-75 kg Length: 2.7 meters Hull diameter 240 mm Wingspan: 1 meter Cruise speed: 0.5 m/s Mission endurance: >6 months SONITUS Engineering and Consulting serves with superior technology, high brand quality and a...
  7. dBSPL

    Greece, Albania fail to agree on maritime border issue in Prague

    Albania and Greece did not agree on the issue of maritime borders between the two countries, despite both prime ministers meeting on the sidelines of the European political Community in Prague on Thursday. In 2009, the two countries agreed to delimitate the continental shelf in the waters...
  8. dBSPL

    Hypersonic cruise missiles and glide vehicles | News & Developments

    Hypersonic speed cruise missiles and glide vehicles travels at least five times the speed of sound (Mach 5). Also, low-altitude cruising systems reduces the reaction time interval of target area's air defense systems to a minimum. In addition to these two strategic advantages (speed of reaching...

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