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    India Indian General Missile and Guided Munition Archive

    This looks similar to Moskit / mini moskit(KH35)
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    India Indian Economy + Infra Archive

    Yeah, watched it the other day.
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    India Indian Automobile Industry: News & Updates

    EV game is still out there for anyone to turn. Mahindra will need a lot more substantial investment if it really wants to compete with intl players.
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    TR Indigenous Made Firearms

    Well picked up a Canik TP9SC Elite and a Sarsilmaz B6C (and a Glock 19 Gen 5). The fit and finish on both of the Turkish-made handguns are quite impressive.
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    India Indian Military ORBAT and Wargaming

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    India Indian Military ORBAT and Wargaming

    you guys go ahead, I am slammed with life stuff, unfortunately and most likely won't be able to participate. thanks
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    India Indian Military ORBAT and Wargaming

    yes. pm or email me
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    India Indian Coffee House (News, Politics, Chit chat, Debate)

    That's a bummer. Anyways I guess it's not a big market.
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    India Indian Coffee House (News, Politics, Chit chat, Debate)

    @suryakiran @Nilgiri Are there any Indian companies that build Digital oscilloscopes, or high-speed data acquisition devices?
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    India Indian Coffee House (News, Politics, Chit chat, Debate)

    I am comfortable everywhere, irrespective of the platform I will keep writing what's on my mind. I will try to put an infographic on the current Mechanized column configuration for the IBG vs my additions soon. thanks
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    India Space Indian Space Archive

    Better data acquisition equipment maybe? Redundant pressure measurement at higher resolution transmitted over distances. (National instruments PXI system, Siemens Scadas, or my favorite Dewesoft Dewe-43A) I have seen a bit of penny wise pound foolish attitude when it comes to sensor deployment...
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    India Indian Economy + Infra Archive

    I am still not sure about the fintech space as of yet, I would need more time to see how the space pans out.
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    India Navy Future of the Indian Navy: Combatant Fleet Composition

    IMO Biggest bang for the buck for the Navy is in 1> Fast Attack Missile Boats (True next-gen OSA class type with Armed with Brahmos M or a min-k15 or shaurya variant) 2>Subsurface fleet, both nuclear and conventional 3> HALE for MPA roles. Too many Destoyers and (Semi-Destroyers that we like to...
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    How can Artillery Numbers today relate to Universal Education yesterday?

    Great read and thought-provoking. The prism in which we view that India's tangible infrastructure whether defence, transport, aviation, ports, heavy industry, Agri, etc comes at the cost of semi-intangible spendings such as Education, healthcare or Administrative services, in my opinion, is...
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    India India - Pakistan Archive (India)

    @Jackdaws pro/anti modi in a India pak thread? Why @Lonewolf and @Jackdaws Do you guys really think that in an online discussion either side will be able to convince the other that their political beliefs are wrong? if not why waste bandwidth arguing Modi over here?
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    India Indian Kashmir Archive

    It's just their usual problem with Statistics... .. .. .. .. .... History, Geography.. Mathematics.. Economics.. Astronomy.. General Science... Litterature... etc.

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