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    Russia Has Deployed ‘Cutting Edge’ Mi-eight MTPR-1 Electronic Warfare Helicopters To Jam Ukrainian Air Defenses

    Over its extended struggle with: Ukraine and Russia have utilized a scope of deadly weapons. Notwithstanding, the Mi-8MTPR-1 electronic fighting (EW) helicopter, which is believed to be a vital component of Russia's technique against Ukrainian air guards, has gotten little consideration. The...
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    Nuclear deterrence lessons from Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

    The Taiwan visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sparked what appeared to be the threat of the use of nuclear delivery systems to help China signal the seriousness of its reaction to the visit. But what the signaling actually demonstrates, two experts say, is that China is highly unlikely to...
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    News Infrastructure, allies and ‘one space effort’ key to US ahead of China in space: DIU official

    In order to stay ahead of China in the space domain, the US needs to increase investment in its infrastructure and develop stronger relationships with allies and partners, according to an official from the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit. Steven Butow, DIU’s Space Portfolio director, said...
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    News As Saudi Arabia goes on defense investment spree, Israeli industry in a tight spot

    Israel is facing a dilemma. Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in its defense industry, eyeing lucrative deals directly with foreign firms or that involve international partnerships. But Jerusalem, which recently normalized relations with some Gulf nations but not the Kingdom, is being left out...
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    Pakistan Pakistan’s Missiles: Nasr Short Range Ballistic Missile

    The Nasr (Hatf 9) is a Pakistani short-range ballistic missile with a range of 70 kilometers developed by the National Development Complex (NDC). It was initially disclosed in April 2011 and was dubbed the “Multi-tube Ballistic Missile” because the launch vehicle contains numerous missiles...
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    Analysis On deterring Russia and China, Pentagon officials walk a fine line

    Although Saturday’s Reagan National Defense Forum had no shortage of concerned statements from senior military officials about potential Russian or Chinese aggression, details — or even hints — on what the Pentagon might do to deter or respond were hard to find. The cautious tone reflects the...
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    Do most Russians support the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

    Grisha “Zyu” Zyuganov sold out to oligarchs way back in 1996 in the wake of the presidential elections that he and his communist party stood to win and oligarchs were terrified to lose their assets. Yeltsin “defeated” Zyu in the elections, and ever since, Zyu has been a faithful dog of the...

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