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    Casual Discussion What's your favorite Chicago breakfast?

    Any kind: diner, gourmet, mexican, polish... I'd love to find out: What's your favorite breakfast joint? (And of course, what should I order).
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    Casual Discussion Pomegranite juice

    I have tried using this Omega Juicer NC800HDS, but the white membranes give the juice a bitter taste. It works best when I use brute force to crack it open, then remove the seeds. Put them in a sieve, press with a spoon, and juice will result. Works for me!
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    Casual Discussion Newbie trying to build their first fpv race drone

    Right now I own a Mavic Pro but I want to get into FPV racing drones after watching videos all day. My budget is $1500 Are there any good prebuilt ones or should I just try and build my own?

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