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  1. Hari Sud

    India Indian Economy + Infra Archive

    ‘Are you not happy this is being done today? Two decades back, there was no political will or management expertise in political leadership. Only slogan shouting, highly incompetent got elected. They became the government owned industry managers. The situation has changed now. The Babus are more...
  2. Hari Sud

    India India - Pakistan Archive (India)

    What is going on in the US policy makers mind. On one hand they approve $450 million military aid to modernize Pakistani Airforce and approve $6.5 billion IMF loan together with $2.0 billion World Bank Loan and then come out and call Pakistan the most dangerous nuclear armed state. That...
  3. Hari Sud

    India Indian General Missile and Guided Munition Archive

    ‘Wrong conclusion….. Pakistan has moved back into US orbit and India has moved away. This will last another 5 to 10 years. Pakistan is not technically competent enough to absorb technology including hypersonic technology with very poor technical base. They need everything ready made and then...
  4. Hari Sud

    India Indian General Missile and Guided Munition Archive

    There is a need to build a hypersonic missile based on highly accurate Brahmos missile. The US congressional submission by a top US commander a year back said that India is three years away from hypersonic missile development. I hope he is right. We need this critical demonstrator to let all...
  5. Hari Sud

    India Indian Economy + Infra Archive

    To get to No3; and bypass Germany and Japan is an uphill task. Unless average $100 billion FDI a year another $100 billion from internal resources including export earnings and borrowing, is required to get to No3 spot hence it is not that easy. On top of that political peace internally is also...
  6. Hari Sud

    Breaking News China-US War?

    The whole world was taken by a surprise when Chinese reacted strongly to Speaker Nancy Pelosi visit to Taiwan in July this year. President Xi ordered his airforce, navy and marines to stay in readiness to move into Taiwan at short notice. We were looking forward for some fireworks in Taiwan...
  7. Hari Sud

    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    Has Russian War effort in Ukraine lost steam Has Russia begun to loose the war or CIA; MI6 manufactured news is misinforming us. There are two aspects which are very clear: 1. Russia is short on tactical military hardware; probably used most of it and asking for Iran to supply some very...
  8. Hari Sud

    News AP sources: US operation killed al-Qaida leader al-Zawahri

    I would say that General Bajawa, the Pakistani COAS has done three things right to get into the American lap, just before his retirement. 1. He made sure that anti American Imran Khan, the last prime minister is booted out, by engineering a parliamentary coup. 2. He got the remaining Al Qaida...
  9. Hari Sud

    Pakistan British Sikh soldiers delegation visit to Pakistan

    Sikh religion has its origin in Western Punjab (Pakistan). The Sikh Gurus were routinely executed by the Mogul monarchs in Delhi. Others who survived, spread their message by escaping the hounding Muslim armies. Our tenth Guru Govind Singh Ji Sahib, picked up the sword and challenged the...
  10. Hari Sud

    India Army Indian Army Small Arms Archive

    It is widely used. As a squad level weapon, it packs a huge punch. It is light weight but a bit unwieldy to carry. That inconvenience is overcome by huge damage it does to the enemy.
  11. Hari Sud

    TR Altay & Main Battle Tank Programs

    Turks have proven is last three battles that their UAV Bayractar can lay waste a tank columns just as it did in Ukraine and victory over Armenia etc. and also in Syria. Hence all tank commanders are thinking about high risks of sending tanks in a battle if overhead UAV or swarm drones with...
  12. Hari Sud

    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    To eject Russians out from captured areas will require a nuclear war. All these reports of Ukrainians capturing this village or that keeps their morale high and propagandist busy. The easiest solution to avoid destruction is that Ukraine to declare that they won’t join NATO and NATO declare...

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