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  1. dBSPL

    TR Politics

    I won't go into too much detail, but one of the most important things you need to know about the military balance in the country is that no coup attempt can succeed without the 1st Army. The first condition for a coup in this country is the success of the coup in the 1st Army. One of the biggest...
  2. dBSPL

    TR Politics

    Mehmet Fatih Kacır, İsmail Demir and Temel Kotil from the defense industry sector have been mentioned for the ministry of industry, Ümit Dündar from the TAFF and Yaşar Güler, the Chief of the General Staff, for the ministry of defense, and Erhan Afyoncu, the rector of the National Defense...
  3. dBSPL

    TR Anka-III ¦ Kızılelma ¦ TB-3 | UAV/UCAV Programs

    The most interesting point in the story is that when the system was forbidden to "kill" the operator, it "destroyed" the tower that communicated with him :D So -all candies are mine, I'm sorry.
  4. dBSPL

    TR Anka-III ¦ Kızılelma ¦ TB-3 | UAV/UCAV Programs

    Problems that can arise when development engineers are weak in social sciences. You offer the AI a reward every time disables the enemy system. So the AI removes the factors that prevent it from getting more rewards. This actually is a child's way of thinking, and just think how children can...
  5. dBSPL

    TR Oil & Gas Exploration Update & Discussion

    The Malikiye Kamışlı line must be cleared of terrorists as a matter of urgency. If you draw a rectangle 40-50 km deep from the Nusaybin-Silopi line, there is a potential to meet most of Turkiye's annual oil consumption. And probably the same potential is valid at the same depth south of the...
  6. dBSPL

    TR Politics

    The neo-Kemalists who associate Atatürk with raki would probably have been opponents supporting the second group had they lived during his time. Contrary to what is claimed, there were far more religious opinion leaders who supported Atatürk and the second group was much more liberal. Instead of...
  7. dBSPL

    TR Turkish Air Force News & Discussion

    Happy 112 years, our steel claws, the apple of our eye.
  8. dBSPL

    TR Economy & Updates

    bilateral non-oil trade beyond $40bn in the next 5 years? Volumes will multiply in service sectors and some production areas. But I think the defense industry will also play a serious role here. We may see huge contracts in a year or two.
  9. dBSPL

    TR Politics

    Ümit Dündar Paşa is rumored to be the new defense minister. A hawkish cadre is coming? Btw, Dündar Paşa is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation. He played a critical role in preventing the July 15 coup attempt. He is a hero.
  10. dBSPL

    TR Economy & Updates

    A margin call was made for a TL 1.67 billion short position in the stock exchange. For those who act according to the plan that the stock market will crash after RTE is elected, it is time to exchange dollars and gold. * Meanwhile, the Atlanticist political Islamist newspaper seems to have...
  11. dBSPL

    TR Land Vehicle Programs

    There are an huuuge number of M113 chassis in inventories. In almost half the world. Their level of protection is certainly no longer sufficient for the front line. The only option is to send them for scrap; or use them in a heavy class UGV program to reduce the cost and produce them in high...
  12. dBSPL

    TR Politics

    The new Foreign Minister is Ibrahim Kalin.
  13. dBSPL

    TR Politics

    Im sure that this is a fake example. It is not in accordance with case law and procedure. The YSK has not announced the finalized results, and there is a ministry on the list that has not yet been established. Also, two different fake lists are also circulating on social media, using the same...
  14. dBSPL

    TR Casual Discussion Çay Bahçesi

    Why did everyone start making reverse Turkish flag PPs on social media? Is it a reference to the İttihat?
  15. dBSPL

    TR Development Road (Dry Canal) Initiative: Turkish-Arab grand logistics and economic development vision

    From Turkiye to the Gulf: Development Road Project It is important for Turkiye to finalize the "Safe Zone Plan" in Syria and take control of the Malikiyah-Fishabur border crossing on the Syria-Iraq border from the PYD The Development Road Project will connect Turkiye to the Port of Faw in the...
  16. dBSPL

    TR Economy & Updates

    If we are talking about the Turkic world and Eurasia in the new era, and if RTE is sincere in this, Oğan should be in charge of the economy. He is well-equipped for this, in fact, if we look at other examples, he is more than qualified for this job. It will not have a negative reflection on the...
  17. dBSPL

    TR Economy & Updates

    I think that's not the detail here. It would be more accurate to look at Simsek's roots and affiliations. RTE had accused KK of making deals with British loan sharks for 3 months, but he seems to be turning in the same direction.
  18. dBSPL

    TR Economy & Updates

    According to VeryansınTV, Mehmet Şimşek accepted Erdoğan's ministerial offer. Banking index went through the roof on the stock exchange today.
  19. dBSPL

    Organization of Turkic States

    The Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan will ratify the agreement on the establishment of the Turkic Investment Fund tomorrow. Approval of the agreement on the establishment of the Investment Fund is on the agenda of the plenary session of the Milli Majlis to be held on May 30. According to the...
  20. dBSPL

    TR 2023 Turkish presidential election

    Since the candidate supported by HDP failed to become president, they started to use a similar language as in the events of October 6. But this time we really need to issue a warning to these terrorist sympathizers and their pawns: DON'T! The society is so tense that you cannot get away with...

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