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  1. Avanti

    Turkey's Internal Counter-Terrorism Operations

    Here is the terrorist Mehmet Zeki Ilmin who cowardly martyred our village guard Mustafa Erdem in Cizre. He was caught in Mersin and belonged to a "youth wing" of the pkk (yps)
  2. Avanti

    TR Defence Exports & Updates

    Maşallah to Nigerians who dress like they are posing for a album cover while learning to pilot a attack helicopter 😁
  3. Avanti

    TR Missile & Smart Munition Programs

    Enough for Murat ikinci to take it for a ride to Zagreb or Budapest
  4. Avanti

    TR Anka-3/4 | Kızılelma | TB-3 | UAV/UCAV Programs

    To say that our smaller companies in the MIC are not watched by some outside intelligence services is silly. Mert Bayraktar was murdered in his apartment in 2012
  5. Avanti

    TR Naval Programs

    Since it takes a long time maybe it's not wrong to look ahead. Now we don't need a carrier and it seems like a waste of resources but in the 2030's we will have a bigger Air force, economy and a population which will go into the direction of 100 million people. I think Turkey will be an...
  6. Avanti

    TR Turkish Intervention in Iraq

    In Iraq, Süleymaniye it is reported that 3 terrorists got hit by Turkish drones as well Herkese hayırlı iftarlar 👍
  7. Avanti

    Live Conflict Syria Intervention

    The terrorist organization confirmed the death of Mehmet Sarı born in Nusaybin with codename "Baran"
  8. Avanti

    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    Today i saw a German article debating if Turkey gave Russia "Bayraktar TB2 codes" which was based on this tweet 😂
  9. Avanti

    TR Defence Exports & Updates

    I just see alot of people with this mindset i didn't mean you bro
  10. Avanti

    TR Defence Exports & Updates

    Just because Turkey has quality drones now doesn't mean anyone can do it. I have also seen people say now that Turkey develops a 5th gen fighter many "non major power" countries will follow. No, it takes years of development even for a country like Japan they can't just pull a UCAV out of their...
  11. Avanti

    TR TF-X KAAN | F-16 Özgür | Hürjet | Hürkuş - Fighter & Trainer Aircraft Projects

    I thank God for creating me with 2 blessed eyes and our engineers with 2 blessed hands that made it possible for me to see such a achievement of our nation:)
  12. Avanti

    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    These internet fools don't have anything else to say. Their wisdom ends at "trigger discipline" "aim down the sights" and ever tank loss is because of "no infantry support"
  13. Avanti

    TR Aftermath of the earthquakes in Turkey's South-east

    It was used for the first time outside the defense industry. In Hatay the "behind-the-wall radar" produced with domestic means enabled tens of people to be located under the debris.
  14. Avanti

    TR Altay & Main Battle Tank Programs

    I don't know if top attacks were ever mentioned in connection to trophy but from placement of radars and launchers it seems unlikely to protect from top attack missiles to me
  15. Avanti

    TR Altay & Main Battle Tank Programs

    Nice there is no current APS that advertises or promises protection from top attacks
  16. Avanti

    TR Economy & Updates

    Also don't think that people in Switzerland can afford 4 or 5 times as much as Turks. With 4000$ a month you are just surviving as a single person over there
  17. Avanti

    TR Anka-3/4 | Kızılelma | TB-3 | UAV/UCAV Programs

    400 years ago the USA did not even exist bro that's a very long time especially with how fast things are changing now, what you're saying is silly to be honest. The ottoman empire went from most powerful state in the world to not even be able to control Anatolia in a period of 400 years
  18. Avanti

    TR Anka-3/4 | Kızılelma | TB-3 | UAV/UCAV Programs

    Will Anka 3 have short range take off capability ?
  19. Avanti

    Breaking News PKK burning down France and Europe

    There is no point in talking to some people with inferiority complex who think they get accepted by the Europeans when talking down Gurbetcis. Europeans who hate Turks hate them for what they are it's as simple as that. They don't care when Turks were the only ones who were organized and...
  20. Avanti

    Breaking News PKK burning down France and Europe

    Don't forget dog Melenchon either posing with PKK flags, supporting them and even calling to free Öcalan. He got 22 % in the presidential elections this year. Inşallah Kurds will be free from french oppression and get their country in paris

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