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    Casual Discussion To all the members Eid Mubarak

    Eid Mubarak to my Turkish brothers and sisters.
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    PK Navy Jinnah Class Frigate Project

    Production of PN MILGEM #3 PNS BADR continues in accordance with the calendar at KS&EW Shipyard. In the PN MİlGEM project, we are one step closer to the goal of launching 2 ships in 2022.
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    Pakistan Pakistan Navy Milgem Project

    Thank you for the great picture bro.
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    Pakistan’s New Type 054 A/P Frigate Started Sea Trials In China

    Although there is a point here, however "hindering" is a very broad term. Evasion, manoeuvring is that much more difficult due to water drag, and that's the case for all ships. Sure the ability to reach max speed quicker is advantageous ,but to suggest it gives the ship a real edge isn't right...
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    Pakistan’s New Type 054 A/P Frigate Started Sea Trials In China

    At 28 knots maxed its comparable to other frigates of its size. The radar is NOT the Type 382 radar, where did he get this from? It's the highly capable SR2410C AESA radar...
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    Pakistan Pakistan Navy Milgem Project

    Nothing at the minute bro, but with Pakistani defence news it just suddenly appears if you get what I mean.
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    TR Defence Exports & Updates

    Superb and thank you for the update. It's great that Turkish systems have a theatre to see their products in use and get feedback.
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    Happy Republic Day Türkiye.

    Happy republic day from Pakistan and all Pakistanis to our dear brothers and sisters.
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    Navy wards off Indian submarine from entering Pakistani waters: ISPR

    Some talk of the submarine 'allowing' itself to be seen, which sounds outlandish to say the least ,and also defeats the purpose of a submarine, a weapon of stealth.
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    TR Politics

    Well yep, let's just say they don't like you lot.
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    Pakistan Army commissions HQ-9/P air-defence system

    Good reading here guys; The HQ-9B is NOT the S-300; The HQ-9 is China’s new generation medium- to long-range, active radar homing air defense missile. It resembles the Russian S300 system, but China is assessed to have developed variants of the system with a longer range, potentially up to...
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    Happy 30th August Turkish Victory Day!

    Happy victory day to my Turkish kin here and in Turkey. May Allah bless the Turkish republic. Much love.
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    War in Afghanistan

    There's a fair few pretending to be 'Pashtun nationalists'. A quick few words in Pashto they're gone. Here's one; Literally thousands of these fake accounts with the Indians behind them.
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    Pakistani MALE UAV program

    The ANKA is an outstanding UAV with multiple capabilities. A fantastic signing. Bravo Turkey.
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    War in Afghanistan

    I see, I've discussed politics a fair few times with them and again it's a mix, however with the fact there are more Northern Afghans in the West than Southerners the political debate is skewed.
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    War in Afghanistan

    Lol, I honestly don't know why so many Muslims get involved in the business of others. I could write more but I don't want to go off-topic.
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    War in Afghanistan

    The ones in the UK don't really do as such. They've grown up among UK Pakistanis, a good number of Afghan girls married into Pakistani families etc. You get a only a few of them. The US has loads as you don't have the connectivity between the communities.
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    War in Afghanistan

    Yep how productive, hurling abuse against the neighbours of the country of your origin, when your government and army ran away. Blame everyone but yourselves. No wonder the Westerners are sick of these protests.

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