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    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet

    Beautiful bird indeed!
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    Bangladesh News Tensions At Bangladesh-Myanmar Border

    When this article was published, total uniformed strength of Myanmar army was 150K soldiers.Of them 70K were combat soldiers.The army had suffered roughly 21K casualties as a result of the ongoing conflict...
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    Bangladesh News Bangladesh - U.S.A Relation

    Yes.They already have considerable influence and it will increase more.
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    Bangladesh News Bangladesh - U.S.A Relation

    US never really played hard.A lot would have been different if they did.The whole issue is grossly overhyped. During the trump era USA was on very amicable terms with the govt.Relations were at an all time high and it was expected that BD will cooperate with USA and the West on many issues...
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    Bangladesh Army Bangladesh Army

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    Korea KF-X/ IF-X (KF-21) program

    Indonesian engineers at KAI probed for alleged tech theft of KF-21 SEOUL, Feb. 2 (Yonhap) -- Indonesian engineers have been under investigation over allegedly stealing technologies related to the KF-21 fighter jet under development, the state-run procurement agency said Friday. The engineers...
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    Bangladesh News Primary Trainer | UAV | Other Projects

    This is the cockpit of grob120tp And here's our BBT-2... Undoubtedly long way to go before the project reaches production.My guess is we may see another more improved version. @Bluetooth not anytime soon.
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    Bangladesh News Primary Trainer | UAV | Other Projects

    The official video of indigenous made BBT-2 basic training aircraft of the Bangladesh Air Force.
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    Bangladesh News Primary Trainer | UAV | Other Projects

    BBT-2 close-up view Credit: 12 DME ARC Aviation
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    TR Defence Exports & Updates

    @Afif Buying 24 units at the same time is a rare occurance in this country.This means that defence procurements from Turkey(and hopefully others) is resuming after it was slowed by the economic situation as reported.The fact that election's over is also positive.MRSAM and more T-230/300 are...
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    TR Defence Exports & Updates

    DTB usually doesn’t posts false/speculative news.This is definitely true.Quite an auspicious beginning for 2024!
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    Bangladesh Army Bangladesh Army

    The pics were posted by DTB. Looks like they've received new gear. @Flextape any info on current situation of our infantry modernisation program?
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    Bangladesh Army Bangladesh Army

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    Bangladesh News Bangladesh - Turkey Relation

    Defence cooperation: Bangladesh boosts arms purchases from Turkey Raheed Ejaz Dhaka Published: 28 Dec 2023, 08: 10 Bangladesh has significantly increased its arms purchases from Turkey over the past five years, fostering a closer defence partnership with the Eurasian nation. There are 15 types...
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    Bangladesh Navy Bangladesh Navy

    Tender notice- Specs not publicly available unfortunately.
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    Bangladesh Army Bangladesh Army
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    Bangladesh Army Bangladesh Army

    Looking at the notoriously high casualty rate of towed 155mm guns in russo-ukr conflict , its good news that we haven't selected any new towed 155mm for our med arty regiments.If I'm not wrong the process of acquiring new 105 and 155mm guns was started in the tenure of our previous CAS but it...

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