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  1. babayetu

    TR TFX Name Suggestion Dıscussions

    We should have named our planes basicly EU(Eğitim uçak, and U(Uçak) and numbers for their maiden flight date. They can have nicknames like hürkuş, hürjet, anadolu kartalı, istikbal whatever Hürkuş (EU-13) Hürjet (EU-23) MMU (U-24) Just like when you know something start with f (fighter) you...
  2. babayetu

    TR Defence Exports & Updates

    From recent leaked documents
  3. babayetu

    TR Turkish Air Force News & Discussion

    Lockeed Martin does not even let Turkey upgrade block40/50s. It is not possible to upgrade them ourselves. They want to sell their own kit. We are only allowed to do that for our block 30s. we have more than 170 block 40/50s that's a lot of $$$ to earn for LM. You do not simply understand f-16s...
  4. babayetu

    TR Aircraft Carrier and Amphibious Ship Programs

    It's mostly a sociopolitical thing imo. Big ship = we have something to boast about hahaha, we call it aircraft carrier and masturbate at night thinking about it how big of a ship we got and hope we could even gain some votes before elections thats always a plus side :D It does not really make...
  5. babayetu

    TR Turkish Air Force News & Discussion

    In general, FMS purchases can provide an international partner contract administrative services that may not be available through the private sector and may help lower unit costs by consolidating purchases for FMS customers with those of DoD. Turkey buys through FMS, so whatever US army is...
  6. babayetu

    TR Missile & Smart Munition Programs

    Bozdoğan is short, Gökdoğan is medium. Bozdoğan= aim9-x sidewinder, Gökdoğan= Aim-120 AMRAAM The missiles look fairly similar too. Somehow they manage to make the image on the The mock-up? thing wrong, they put the wrong images on missiles. Bozdoğan's flap situated in the front part while...
  7. babayetu

    TR Casual Discussion Çay Bahçesi

    What you want does not really matter, Turkey is a constitutional republic, there has to be a election in 4 months, people will go and vote where ever they are, it is not hard, you can change your location where you want in 1 day. It is easily doable, half my family is also IDPs now, they...
  8. babayetu

    TR HÜRJET-Advanced Jet Trainer/ Light attack aircraft

    Hurjet project just like Hürkus is fundementally an R&D project. Aim is to make TAI a technologically capable company that could carry out the TF-X project or the projects that'll come after that. I agree that it is very likely no export success will be achieved but TURAF is going to procure +50...
  9. babayetu

    TR Naval Programs

    I agree. TCG Istanbul is almost ready, that shows we have almost every subsystem ready, midlas and hisar-rf is on the way. We are talking about paying 10b$+ deal for f-16s to US, we are talking about paying 10b$+ to UK for eurofighters but we don't have 5-6b$ for our shipbuilding industry and...
  10. babayetu

    TR Naval Programs

    How can even they quadpack soon? I thought it would take at least 5+ years. Quadpacking is not easy job afaik. British wasted billions$ and took so long time, a lot of other advanced countries could not even get close. Also isnt quadpacking g40 would be easier that is cold launched? Another...
  11. babayetu

    TR Naval Programs Arda Mevlütoğlu, examines the evolution of the type 23 project over time. Google translated last section that he evaluates TN and the allegeded Type 23 procurement. Evaluations In the light of the age status of...
  12. babayetu

    TR Land Vehicle Programs

    Koc group is %7 of Turkey's GDP for a reason. They are classical rational capitalists. Minimum risk maximum profit is their way to go, no different than basicly every global giants. If you ask Koc group to design and produce a 1500hp military powerpack they will not accept it with so little...
  13. babayetu

    TR Turkish Air Force News & Discussion

    TURAF planned to buy 134 f35. F35A was never going to be TURAF's main fighter, it was supposed to take the place of F4s. 116+18 F35 was going to bought in a long time process, for example initially only paid and ordered 4. 130 F35 is approximately 25b$, it would cost Turkey probably 55b$ from...
  14. babayetu

    TR Altay Main Battle Tank & Related Programs

    M60a3 is m60a3, no matter how much you modernise it is out of date you can not modernise its main fundamental disadvantages vs modern MBTs. Still, there is no need to underestimate this update kit, even though it does not turn m60a3 into a last gen MBT, you don't need last gen MBT in every...
  15. babayetu

    TR Missile & Smart Munition Programs

    This should be from an exercise in 2017. We bought 9 OHP, 8 had been refitted and recommissioned, 1 was kept for spare hulk parts, the one used for sinkex in this video is USS Duncan. The submarine is TCG Sakarya.
  16. babayetu

    TR Altay Main Battle Tank & Related Programs

    I'm not the expert on this subject. It is my understanding with limited technical capability there is literally 0 difference between a horizontal, top or in between attack. The trajectory of the missile is in all 3 forms quite close to each other, radar detects it nearly 50 meters away and...
  17. babayetu

    TR Altay Main Battle Tank & Related Programs

    If you are saying Javelin-like missile might approach at such an angle that it is not tracked by the radar, they could easily place the radars in such configuration if needed. I think it just works fine cause if i remember correctly dutch really evaulated Trophy and decided to procure a lot...
  18. babayetu

    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet

    TAF gonna have to buy a lot TF-Xs to make the program cost more efficient per aircraft. They would not be eager to invest in a second fighter program. They also do not need such an aircraft, f-16b70 and TF-X will have to do it. TAI would not want to invest their own resources for such a risky...
  19. babayetu

    TR Altay Main Battle Tank & Related Programs

    Trophy and iron fist APSs do that. In fact, such counter measures theoritically have greater chance against top attacks.

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