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    TR Sensors and Detector Programs

    Aselsan MURAD AESA
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    TR Industry, Science and Technology
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    TR Turkish Air Forces|News & Discussion

    The plane is ...!?
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    TR Defence Exports & Updates
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    TR Indigenous Made Firearms & Medium Calibre Weapons

    This video embarrassed me, but I don't think it could embarrass any of The Personnel of The Relevant Units in RELATED PLACES. I wrote something longer but l deleted I will leave the comments to the friends who watch this video.
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    TR Casual Discussion Çay Bahçesi
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    TR Industry, Science and Technology

    ASELSAN General Manager Ahmet Akyol: " One of our main goals is to build a national, fully independent defense industry in the 100th anniversary of the Republic. This year, we have been able to produce gallium nitrate transistors, which we use in radar and electronic warfare, locally, with the...
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    TR Industry, Science and Technology

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    TR Industry, Science and Technology

    Why aircraft carriers are still necessary in the age of supersonic precision missiles?One of the most important points is that in the construction of the 9 billion dollar aircraft carrier, 5 billion dollars goes to more than two thousand supplier companies. Even the construction of just one...
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    TR Propulsion Systems
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    TR Missile & Smart Munition Programs

    As a result of our long-lasting but fast work, we have reached the test firing stage. Updates coming soon...(GÜRBAĞ Defence)
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    TR Propulsion Systems

    National electric engines for armoured vehicles by FEMSAN
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    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet

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    TR Casual Discussion Çay Bahçesi

    Bir yerlerden tanıdık geldi!

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