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  1. Melkor

    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet

    Holy moly, that’s gotta be my favorite photo going round.
  2. Melkor

    TR Propulsion Systems

  3. Melkor

    TR Foreign Policy & Geopolitics

    Didn’t he have a similar sook all those years ago about operation something-a-rather betraying his efforts? Then he went Peres at Davos.
  4. Melkor

    TR Foreign Policy & Geopolitics

    Our people love to boşboğaz, it ain’t like he’s special.
  5. Melkor

    TR Naval Programs

    What’s the latest re tf2000? Anything to get excited about yet?
  6. Melkor

    India India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) Thread

    Ffs, didn’t take you long.
  7. Melkor

    TR Foreign Policy & Geopolitics

    We will never forget or forgive this treachery.
  8. Melkor

    France's Macron: Social media platforms should help tame violence amid riots

    Fascinating. 🍿 Macron heh. Don't have much sympathy for the Eurocentric French these days.
  9. Melkor

    TR 2023 Turkish presidential election

  10. Melkor

    TR 2023 Turkish presidential election

    Bravo!!! 🤩 👏
  11. Melkor

    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet

  12. Melkor

    TR Aftermath of the earthquakes in Turkey's South-east

    Australia pledges $10M in aid.
  13. Melkor

    TR U.S. says potential F-16 sale to Turkey would serve U.S. interests, NATO - letter

    Ah the irony! Following the downing of the Moskof jet, you wouldn't have been wrong to think that Europe sided with the mighty white-boy Putin and that all the slack-jawed commoners were cheering him on like the herald of Christ in an overdue war against the Turk and the leader of all jihadists...
  14. Melkor

    TR Navy Turkish Navy|News & Discussions

    I feel like the tf2000 is taking too long and I hope the determination/will to realize it doesn’t waiver.
  15. Melkor

    Greek CG opened fire against Turkish Ro-Ro ship

    Obviously prefer no wars ever but if it is our destiny to confront the Hellenes in war again, it must wait at least until we have TF2000, MMU & LORAMIDS sorted.
  16. Melkor

    Live Conflict Turkish Operations in Northern Iraq

    We are surrounded by hell holes. May God gives us patience.
  17. Melkor

    TR U.S. says potential F-16 sale to Turkey would serve U.S. interests, NATO - letter

    It beggars belief that the US is set up in Incirlik like it’s their father’s house, yet we allow them to get away with these dirty lobbying games time and time again. Piss them off.
  18. Melkor

    TR Foreign Policy & Geopolitics

    Why is everyone getting their knickers in a twist over a memorandum of understanding? Turkiye hasn’t signed on the most important dotted lines yet. This Feels more like a PR stunt to appease all the slacked-jawed-yokels and holy-than-thou types on both sides via the media. I reckon there’s...
  19. Melkor

    TR Foreign Policy & Geopolitics

    Friggen love that film!
  20. Melkor

    TR Naval Programs

    We need a massive navy to protect us from the USA and its European bitches. I’ll die a happy man when I see a fleet of tf2000s.

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