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    Breaking News Iran-Israel Tensions

    It should've been the Belgians :ROFLMAO:
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    TR Turkish Air Forces|News & Discussion

    I don't accuse anyone in treachery. I am just giving a friendly warning regarding the clear distinction between the Turkish soldier and a terrorist wearing the Turkish camouflage pattern infiltrated into the institution. This usage of words may have came in a result of a frustration and a state...
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    Breaking News Iran-Israel Tensions

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    Azerbaijan Armenia Tensions

    Russian forces leave Azerbaijan The first batch of personnel and military equipment of Russian peacekeepers left the Kalbajar region in Azerbaijan's Karabakh.
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    TR Turkish Air Forces|News & Discussion

    Who says that we were not in charge of Incirlik in the night of 15th of July? Show him to me so I can spit in his face. After the terrorists managed to get 3 tankers in the air by deceiving the personnel in the base do you know what happened? They wanted to get another one in the air and at...
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    TR Foreign Policy & Geopolitics

    They tried it short after the start of the Israeli operation and Gaza with the cooperation of another international organization, attacked the Incirlik airbase by spreading the propaganda of it being an "US airbase", their ear was pulled by Erdogan and they were put on their places. I think this...
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    TR Turkish Air Forces|News & Discussion

    Do you really think that any traffic can go outbound or inbound of/in Incirlik without the permission of the Turkish Armed Forces? The Incirlik Airbase, otherwise known as the 10th Tanker Base Command which is tied to the Air Forces Combat Command is a Turkish airbase and Turkiye has full...
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    TR Missile & Smart Munition Programs

    While still on this wave, this reminds me of the pickup launched UAVs of Iran.
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    Turkey to Host NATO Missile Defense Radar

    The early warning radar in Kurecik was active during the Iran-Israel standoff. While the information is sent to a NATO HQ in Berlin first, there it is no 100% guarantee that information gathered by the radar was not shared with other parties too (there is a clause in the agreement prohibiting this).
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    TR Military Operations in Northern Iraq

    While TSK airstrikes continue daily in the areas around Tepe Bahar and Matin mountain we got report on TSK strike on two buildings in Asos, Galala village. While PKK media says that 1 civilian was killed in the strike, TSK claims that 4 PKK terrorists were killed. This is a location in which...
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    Breaking News Iran-Israel Tensions

    Actually it is comparable with the craters caused in the Ayn Al-Asad base. And this is a crater from a malfunctioned Iranian ballistic missile fired at Syrian territory, but fell in Iraq. (Old) Well, I thought they make bigger holes than that. Anyway...
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    Breaking News Iran-Israel Tensions

    I think the soil is a bit different. The sand on the left looks more clean and not so rocky. Maybe the brought the soil so they can fill the crater. I doubt this is a crater made by a ballistic missile strike tho. It looks small to me.
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    Breaking News Iran-Israel Tensions

    Some interesting footage showing Israeli fighters intercepting drones and cruise missiles.
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    Breaking News Iran-Israel Tensions

    F-35 is seen moving on the runway.
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    Breaking News Iran-Israel Tensions

    CIA Director William Burns asked MIT head Ibrahim Kalın to be a mediator regarding the tension between Iran and Israel. MIT chief Ibrahim Kalin had a phone conversation with Ismail Haniyah yesterday. During the meeting, issues regarding Gaza, ceasefire negotiations, delivery of humanitarian...
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    TR Foreign Policy & Geopolitics

    Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan called his Iranian counterpart and said that Turkey does not want more tension in the region after Iran retaliated against Israel last night. Iranian Foreign Minister Abdullahian said that the retaliatory operation against Israel has ended and Iran will not launch...
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    TR Politics

    DEM Party Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Co-Chair Serra Bucak: “We will give tax discounts to business owners who choose Kurdish names.” The same people who chant "Foshik TC State!"
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    TR Casual Discussion Çay Bahçesi

    Iran in 1995: Iran in 2010: Iran in 2020: Iran in 2024:
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    Breaking News Iran-Israel Tensions

    Even if it was a military strike this had the aim of a political response. As we already thought in our wildest imaginations they first called the US and then started the attack. This military operation had no military objective. It is just an operation with the aim of reinstating deterrence...
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    TR UAV/UCAV Programs | Anka - series | Kızılelma | TB - series

    Rare footage of TAI UAV-X1 (1990-1992).

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