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  1. Super falcon 1983

    China China's FH-95 electronic warfare drone passes performance test

    Only problem I have for EW suit you need a very powerful engines to give enough power to drones to fly at the same time power for sensors and ew suit would be not enough on these because they are medium weight by adding more systems this is not possible atleast to my understanding
  2. Super falcon 1983

    TR Turkish Air Forces|News & Discussion

    Do turkey ordered two more Wedgetail aircraft from USA
  3. Super falcon 1983

    TR Navy ULAQ ¦ SANCAR ¦ MIR ¦ SALVO | Unmanned Surface Vehicles, News and Updates

    Ulaq I's beat cheap and cost effective systemfirst of it's kind
  4. Super falcon 1983

    TR Aircraft Carrier and Amphibious Ship Programs

    TCG Anadolu will be game changer for turkiya
  5. Super falcon 1983

    TR Navy Turkish Navy|News & Discussions

    My question is after TB 3 drones do TB 2 drones manufacturing line up closes from Bayraktar
  6. Super falcon 1983

    TR Transfer of THY's Airbus A330s to the TAF

    Bro I meant us made refuelers are getting old and Turks only going to upgrade existing platforms and Turkish Airforce's is so big it needs atleast 12 to 16 Airbus is a perfect platforms for turkiya
  7. Super falcon 1983

    Type 214TN REIS Class & Submarine Capabilities in the Eastern Mediterranean

    Based on u 214 i think these are more capable subs pak should join this project as turkey has rights to sell third party as well
  8. Super falcon 1983

    TR Transfer of THY's Airbus A330s to the TAF

    I think they will be used as air refueling tankers lowering dependency on us weapons
  9. Super falcon 1983

    The 2nd Generation IFV of the Chinese Army-ZBD-86A

    Chinese new CN 20 Makes better sense integrated with world advanced technologies and armour package
  10. Super falcon 1983

    TR Turkish Air Forces|News & Discussion

    Agreed sir but never underestimate your enemy as they have vipers to may be better than what USA supplies to turkey and USA has history of backstabbing Muslims remember Iraq and Saddam in past Saddam their ally and with TFX you need 10 yrs to fully develop and master TFX abilities and as far as...
  11. Super falcon 1983

    Casual Discussion Introduction

    Thank you sir looking forward for your support
  12. Super falcon 1983

    TR Why Turkey wants tie-up with Pakistan to build '1st big fighter jet of Muslims'

    5 the gen jets will be never sold by west to Muslims only J 20 is a possibility but better build our own so we can manufacture as much as we can the more we produce the cheaper they become pak as lso looking to get 5 the gen jets to counter growing Indian threat better involve KSA UAE PAK to get...
  13. Super falcon 1983

    TR Transfer of THY's Airbus A330s to the TAF

    They should be integrated with boom and probe and drogue techniques so both types of jets can be refueled from one aircraft
  14. Super falcon 1983

    TR Turkish Air Forces|News & Discussion

    First of all this is my first post I'm a defence member on pak def since last 15 yrs with more than 15000 posts anyway My question and argument with turkey is why turkey pursuing f 16 which greeks also will have and they with rafales can dominate Turkish airforce so better of go for J 20...

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