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    Breaking News Iran-Israel Tensions

    I don't think it ‘ll take too long, we'll wait and see
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    TR Politics

    Dear members Make sure that the tweets belonging to X accounts you share do not serve the propaganda of terrorist organizations. Several posts regarding this situation have been deleted for violating our policies
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    TR Defence Exports & Updates

    We invite people from all over the world to express their opinions freely. We keep the Report button active for rule violations. Frankly, we have a hard time understanding your threats to leave us. I would also like to point out that Combat is one of the founders of DefenceHub. P.S: i agree...
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    TR Defence Exports & Updates

    I agree with you that Otokar needs too much foreign subsystems, but I recommend you look at it from this perspective. What if Arquus had won the tender instead of Otokar? I think a bird in hand is better than a bird on wire. If Fnss had won the tender, half of the money would have gone to...
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    TR UAV/UCAV Programs | Anka - series | Kızılelma | TB - series

    Dear Members, Please do not forget that the DefenceHub team has a normal life like everyone else and is busy with business life. Read our forum rules carefully and feel free to pres the Report button if you think any post violates the rules. The button is active for each member and remember...
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    TR Attack & Utility Helicopter Programs

    From TUSAS
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    TR Attack & Utility Helicopter Programs

  8. Test7

    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet

  9. Test7

    TR Naval Programs

    If CENK-S had a radome
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    TR Economy & Updates

    Off-topic posts deleted
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    TR Naval Programs

  12. Test7

    TR Naval Programs

  13. Test7

    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet

  14. Test7

    TR Refugee Problem|News & Discussions

    We hope you aware that DefenceHub has many Arabs, Indonesians, Pakistanis members. Politics may be wrong, but personal expression should nt be offensive
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    Organization of Turkic States

    Traditional Turkish military clothing at the 10th Summit of the Council of Heads of State of the Organization of Turkic States Kazakhstan Integrated culture has alienated us from our own culture. We are searching for the dream of a great country in the wrong geographies and with the wrong...

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