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    India Navy Indian Naval Aviation

    Hope Rafale wins. It will bring some commonality between IAF Rafales and Marine ones. FH-18 on that other hand would be a completely different platform and unless we are getting a bit too much more than what Rafale gives, It makes no sense.
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    India Historical Indian War History Thread

    Those who are interested, can read about Operation Rajiv in 1987 on Siachen.
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    India Corona thread

    25+ million yesterday.
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    India Corona thread

    Literally came across a poor lady who thinks that those vaccinated won't live beyond 65 years of age.
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    India Corona thread

    In our part, only a certain minority community people are hesitant...but then there are certain uneducated people as well who think that vaccinated people are more prone to die due to covid😂
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    India Indian Kashmir Archive

    Excellent interview. He has been doing very good.
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    India Indian Economy + Infra Archive

    Hell they are even electrifying Konkan railways now...almost 50% work done. That was once thought to be the most difficult part for electrification or even doubling the tracks. Now both are done.
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    India Indian Economy + Infra Archive

    71% raikway tracks electrified already. On way to achieve 100% railway electrification by 2023. Possible?
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    India Indian Economy + Infra Archive
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    India Indian Kashmir Archive

    Beautiful Kashmir valley.
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    India Indian Kashmir Archive

    Same with me. Although I stayed in navi mumbai, had come to gateway with a friend the very same afternoon...then we went to her place at Colaba and there only we heard the news about attacks in evening. Those 72 hrs were most tensed period of my life. Literally we never switched off our tv for...
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    India HAL Tejas Program

    Yes work on Indigenous engine is going on with the help of some foreign players but Its in initial stage. In past also we made Kaveri engines but It didn't quite worked out. Tejas was intended to be a 4th gen aircraft only but Its AESA version can be said as 4+ generation for sure. Yes our 5th...
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    Pakistan's duty to raise Kashmir issue more vigorously at UN, says UNGA president

    Tbh, only and the only possible solution ( that too not in near future) I see is that LOC turns into IB. Otherwise no one will give an inch no matter what. But even that solution requires a very strong political will in respective countries.
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    India India - Pakistan Relations

    No one in India believes that RAW is that capable of doing things in other countries. So looks filmsy.
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    India Indian Economy + Infra Archive India's foreign exchange (forex) reserves surged to all-time high as it rose by $5.066 billion to touch a record high of $608.999 billion in the week ended June 25, the Reserve Bank...
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    India India - Pakistan Relations

    Yaar no one is dying for talks.....and if at all, talks will be with real powers and not some drug addict puppet.
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    India Corona thread

    That is correct. Even those who got Its first dose are now finding difficult to get slot for second dose in various locations.
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    India Indian Helicopter Archive India is going ahead with an indigenous light utility helicopter (LUH) after it proved it worth during high altitude operations, including at the Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO)...
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    India Army Indian Army General Archive

    Nice. Powered by 220 BHP engine. Should replace Mahindra Rakshaks and armoured Gipsys..
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    India Indian Coffee House

    Russian flanker family is probably the best looking aircrafts ever produced.

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