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    Breaking News Iran-Israel Tensions

    Nothingburger, no explosions, no ""strikes", US blaming Israel in light speed pace. If this is the "response" Israel has prepared it was an absolute disaster for them
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    Breaking News Iran-Israel Tensions

    thats simply wrong, even US admitted to 9 landings on air bases, real number could be higher. Who knows...
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    Breaking News Iran-Israel Tensions

    As long as "end of the stick doesnt touch us", I say light the region up lmao
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    Breaking News Iran-Israel Tensions

    Let Iranian BMs rain on Israel and Israeli F-35s hit Iran. It is good for us if it doesnt touch us
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    TR UAV/UCAV Programs | Anka - series | Kızılelma | TB - series

    I don't think that it is the twin engine Kızılelma, but differences in ailerons, size and intakes could mean that this is Kızılelma-B with AI-222 or AI-322f, remember that in the video they had schematics of those engines on screens
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    TR Politics

    also do we go by YSK's own words or DEM's words? Did YSK announce it or DEM?
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    TR Politics

    To people claiming all the CHp fuzz about DEM was for the preservation of fair politics, here is an example from 2019 featuring MHP
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    TR Politics

    And? AKP of 2000-2010s also had economic boom, was it worth the "Açılım"? Compromises given to US and EU? It is a hard NO imo
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    TR Politics Just saying, if İmamoğlu or Özel gains power in 2028, I dont see a better future for Turkey, we would be back to 2000s again, probably doing same mistakes again... I dont want to see a 2000-2013 rewind, please!
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    TR Politics

    Thats true, however with Pro-PKK/DEM statements CHP only makes their voters more radicalised, these kind of statements were the reason why Millet lost in 2023 and will be the reason in 2028 if Cumhur puts up a competent runner against İmamoğlu-Özel. Yavaş would be a safer approach but he would...
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    TR Politics

    Özgür Özel, proudly -and with very big steps- following the mistakes of K.K. with these kinds of statements.
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    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet

    sad and hard part is that we need to fight against Wikibots of Armenia-Greece-India and possibly some US origin. I -and others- can help people here with open source data for sensors, architecture etc but it is near impossible when you have those Wikibots working against you Even though Fandom...
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    TR F-16 Özgür | Hürkuş - Fighter Trainer Aircraft Projects

    There is a project carried on by ASELSAN named as FEWS for Özgür's integrated EW
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    TR Sensors and Detector Programs

    Temel Kotil, Volt Teknoloji brochures and myself. This has been stated by Mr.Kotil twice iirc
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    TR Sensors and Detector Programs

    Electrical generators are not integral to the engines, they are equipped/installed on to them. F-16 got at least 3 generator revisions for example. Long story short. KAAN has 2 120kVA generators
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    TR Sensors and Detector Programs

    Kaan already produces 240kVA electrical power
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    TR Turkiye's F-35 Project and Discussions

    What people keep forgetting on KAAN v F-35 topic (for TurAF) is that KAAN wouldn't happen (or at least in 2030s) if we got F-35s. KAAN really started out of desperation of TurAF in 2018 (T0, there were workshops for requirements but most of them got changed after it was obvious that US-Turkish...
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    TR HÜRJET-Advanced Jet Trainer/ Light attack aircraft

    I am asking for the radar
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    India AMCA Program

    With 2 sensors wouldn't it be hard? Maybe just for testing

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