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  1. Enderun

    TR 2023 Turkish presidential election

    Above all, I wanted to share with my President and the People's Alliance the indescribable happiness of giving the necessary response to those who have been spreading hate and propaganda here for months.
  2. Enderun

    TR Turkish Air Forces|News & Discussion

    The origin of the photo belongs to Mr Cem Doğut, I only changed the background.
  3. Enderun

    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet

  4. Enderun

    TR Sensors and Detector Programs

    Photodetector Project - UEKAE Under the photodetector project, the production technologies for the photodetectors needed in our country are developed and manufactured with the facilities of TUBITAK BİLGEM. The PIN photodetector production process developed was used to produce a sensor called...
  5. Enderun

    TR Propulsion Systems

    Let's get to know the company IDEALAB The company Idealab was founded in 2015 in Istanbul Technopark. I followed the company for a long time until they got into the turbojet business. Especially in 2018, the company almost closed down because there was no support. They only survived with the...
  6. Enderun

    TR UAV/UCAV Programs | Anka - series | Kızılelma | TB - series

    I have recently decided to write about these issues on Twitter myself, so here I am less so. It's not about intentionally keeping the Anka 3 platform in the background, but there have been so many developments in recent months that it has unintentionally remained in the background in our...
  7. Enderun

    TR UAV/UCAV Programs | Anka - series | Kızılelma | TB - series

    No, that is not the issue, I myself raised an issue that is under development but not many people know about, and I said that TAI is working on unmanned tankers, unmanned radar aircraft, unmanned electronic warfare aircraft and some other unmanned systems, and when it is ready you will hear...
  8. Enderun

    TR UAV/UCAV Programs | Anka - series | Kızılelma | TB - series

    There are some friends in the industry who do not understand or do not want to understand how many times I have already written, I will repeat it again. AKSUNGUR is not ANKA II. ANKA II is a state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicle that will operate at an altitude of 40 to 45000 feet...
  9. Enderun

    TR Attack & Utility Helicopter Programs

    My work with the T 929 ATAK II HEILKOPTER MILDAR Radar integrated.
  10. Enderun

    TR Attack & Utility Helicopter Programs

    yes friends, is the ATAK 2 nose photo good now? Source (TFX) twitter
  11. Enderun

    TR UAV/UCAV Programs | Anka - series | Kızılelma | TB - series

    I found it, I wrote it to see what kind of studies there are.
  12. Enderun

    TR UAV/UCAV Programs | Anka - series | Kızılelma | TB - series

    I gave this news here and on twitter in 2022. There are other things, not only the elint sgint duty drones
  13. Enderun

    TR Air Defence Programs

    Interview with ISMAIL DEMIR from TRT Thank you to my brother KEREM from Twitter. I have compiled both Turkish and English for you, all together. İsmail Demir, President of Defense Industry: #ALTAY MBT 🔷We have a project to put some components on it while using the Korean power pack. We did...
  14. Enderun

    TR Naval Programs

    Friends, I only make notifications about listening or media material. There are very valuable friends here who know the technical aspects of the business, I think they can answer questions.
  15. Enderun

    TR Naval Programs

    I combined the construction of our TCG AKHISAR ship for you and tried to correct the image. The outfitting of the ship is currently in progress and it can be said that it is ahead of schedule.
  16. Enderun

    TR HÜRJET-Advanced Jet Trainer/ Light attack aircraft

    İsmail Demir, President of Defense Industries: "(HÜRJET) We will turn it into an aircraft that can carry ammunition and can provide close air support. We have ordered mass production." "We want HÜRJET to be deployed on the Anatolian ship."
  17. Enderun

    TR F-16 Özgür | Hürkuş - Fighter Trainer Aircraft Projects

    Supersonic missile and ramjet engine projects from the last interview of TÜBİTAK SAGE Director Gürcan Okumuş; 🖊️ Studies have been carried out for a long time to eliminate surface heating problems such as aerodynamic heating encountered in high-speed missiles. 🖊️High temperature resistant...

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