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  1. Jacop

    Live Conflict Israel-Palestine War|Regional Escalations

    Hamas has carried out a terrorist attack and will suffer the consequences.
  2. Jacop

    Live Conflict Israel-Palestine War|Regional Escalations

    This is literally a terrorist attack. The IDF and IAF will soon show the world how revenge is done
  3. Jacop

    Israel Israeli Navy

    Most probably
  4. Jacop

    Defence Fair IDEF 2023

    Actually it ain't same partnership. Indonesia has aerospace industry history and this will handle KAI's some problems. While I'm saying "Some problems", reducing manufacturing costs, production some body components etc.. what Azerbaijan will handle in this partnership? Is this partnership...
  5. Jacop

    India India to Purchase Software-Defined Radios for Tanks Based on Elbit’s Technology

    @Nilgiri India to Purchase Software-Defined Radios for Tanks Based on Elbit’s Technology According to the contract, signed within the framework of the Army's emergency procurement, the SDRs are intended for all tanks in the future Bangalore-based company Alpha Design Technologies has signed...
  6. Jacop

    Defence Fair IDEF 2023

    Im confused please inform me. Does this mean that azerbaijan is officially a partner of the fighter jet program? I mean, will you see the Azerbaijan flag on the body? Or just a LOI?
  7. Jacop

    Israel Israeli Defense Industry: Redback Chosen as Australian Army’s Future APC

    Major Deal for Israeli Defense Industry: Redback Chosen as Australian Army’s Future APC Among the Israeli systems installed in the Redback are Rafael's "Spike" missile launchers; Elbit's" Iron Fist" active protection system, a turret and Electro-optics devices; and Plasan's armor protection...
  8. Jacop

    Israel Israel’s Naval Iron Dome System Step Closer to Full Operational Capability

    Israel’s naval Iron Dome air defense system is a step closer to achieving full operational capability on its Sa’ar 6-class corvettes after successfully completing a series of tests, the country’s Ministry of Defense announced. Dubbed the “C-Dome,” the system reportedly demonstrated its...
  9. Jacop

    Israel Netanyahu meets with German defense executives amid talks on Arrow 3 purchase

    Germany moves ahead with plans to buy Israel's Arrow-3 missile defence for 4 billion euros Germany plans to buy Israel's Arrow-3 missile defence system for almost 4 billion euros ($4.30 billion) in total, and will ask lawmakers to release advance payments of up to 560 million euros next week...
  10. Jacop

    Israel Raytheon Wins $237 million counter-UAS US Army contract

    Raytheon Wins $237 million counter-UAS US Army contract As part of the Army’s Low, slow, small-unmanned aircraft Integrated Defeat System, called LIDS, KuRFS provides advanced 360-degree threat detection, while Coyote low-cost effectors defeat drones American Raytheon Technologies announced...
  11. Jacop

    Israel Sierra Nevada Corporation, BIRD Aerosystems enter airborne missile protection system agreement

    Together, the companies intend to pursue U.S. Department of Defense markets, foreign military sales to U.S. allied nations and various international commercial markets Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) announced an agreement with BIRD Aerosystems to jointly offer the full spectrum of BIRD...
  12. Jacop

    Iran Air-Force Analysis The Su-35 could revive Iran's Air Force

    Iran needs more than SU series for this. This was possible 30 years ago, but in the 21st century, the coordinated harmony and communication of all systems makes it possible.
  13. Jacop

    Israel Israeli Navy features Sa’ar 6- class corvette in int’l “Noble Dina” exercise for first time

    The Israel-led exercise took place in the Mediterranean over the course of two weeks and included forces from Greece, Cyprus, Italy, France and the US The international naval exercise “Noble Dina 2023,” lead by the Israeli Navy, wrapped up after two weeks on Thursday. The IDF communicated...
  14. Jacop

    Iran Air-Force Analysis The Su-35 could revive Iran's Air Force

    Thanks @AmirIGM for your informative article.. Purchase of this fighters will increase Iran's air power but i wonder what can a nearly dead and inactive air force handle with just the Su-35? Don't you need many different platforms and their coordination for this? We're talking about a completely...
  15. Jacop

    Israel Controp to start local manufacturing of its products in India

    The Israeli company will set up a joint venture with the Indian company Paras Defense and Space Technologies to manufacturing electro-optical systems for various applications Controp Precision Technologies, an Israeli company specializing in the field of electro-optics IR defense and...
  16. Jacop

    Israel BIRD Aerosystems delivers Falcon 7X with AMPS, AeroShield-M POD to undisclosed customer

    The installation of the AMPS system was conducted by the OEM at the Dassault Aviation factory in France, with the support of BIRD which was responsible for the installation, supervision integrartion, and testing of the system BIRD Aerosystems, an Israeli company which provides global...
  17. Jacop

    Featured Coup in Israel ???

    I guess, as an israeli, i am not the addressee of this. Arabs able to answer
  18. Jacop

    Featured Coup in Israel ???

    netanyahu thinks himself above the law and he is making a law change for this. This is exactly what dictatorship means, and fortunately Israelis are brave enough not to accept dictatorship. Just because he's president doesn't mean he can easily get over the fence. No one is above the law and...
  19. Jacop

    Poll One year anniversary of the Ukraine-Russia war. What will be the long term consequences of this conflict?

    They even announced it to the world in the first days of the war. Russia is just dying right now, both economically, politically and militarily. An ongoing war is exactly what NATO wants right now
  20. Jacop

    Featured Coup in Israel ???

    Coup?? It's nothing more than a protest

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