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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    Yes, months ago, I wonder where the friends who will drink vodka in Moscow will be in 2 months? news agencies; Zelenky's father, Bidon, says that he told her to "go make agrement with Putin". As you know, the biden is trying to save evangelism!! He is busy now. :) By the way, after...
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    Militarization of Aegean Islands

    I think that the warmth between the current president Erdoğan and Mitçotakis stems from him telling the Greeks to ease the atmosphere in order to ensure that the USA can provide maximum aid to Israel due to the Hamas-Israel conflict. As you know, every front opened will benefit Russia and...
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    Militarization of Aegean Islands

    Umtas Gm & M 1117 =
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    Live Conflict Israel-Palestine War|Regional Escalations

    I wonder what happened to these Zionist nuclear bombs? I think it got moisture and it doesn't work. :)) Russians' minds are working, albeit late. The Russians made their western enemies open a second front against the Palestinians from Israel. Just like the war started by westerners in...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    Hello again after a long time, trolls of the West and Russia. Poor people who think they know everything but just spread propaganda. Yes, whose prediction, foresight and strategy came true. of course it's me. Pentagon and his man Zelensky destroyed Ukraine. Who do you think will rebuild...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War In the medium term, such images will occur in the war in Ukraine, both in the west and in the east. Someone will blame those responsible for wrongdoing for this war! There is no escape from reality. Sooner or later the truth...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    Now closely follow the power struggle in africa. This will tell you what happened in Ukraine in the past before the war, what happened. even in the last election, what the West did to bring the opposition to power in Türkiye is an example of what happened in Ukraine in the past!
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War **The TV channel "Russia 1" showed a report on the production of the Lancet munitions of the ZALA Aero company , which have made such an impression in Ukraine. As it was reported from the start of the invasion until today, "production has increased 50...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War ** Minister Wallace gave a briefing on the margins of the NATO Summit held in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, and answered journalists' questions. Wallace was reminded that Ukrainian President Vladimir...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War "Shocking claim about Zelensky: NATO leaders calmed down On the first day of the NATO Leaders' Summit in Vilnius, it was claimed that Zelenskiy was angry and lost his cool. It was...
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    MAN Energy Solutions Sells Its Gas Turbine Business to China

    In a new world, where Volkswagen did not open a factory in Turkey but opened a factory in China, how much of an enemy could they be?
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    Live Conflict Wagner coup attempt in Russia

    I hope the Russians don't turn Russia into a conventional military monster by raising their military technology to the western level after the Ukrainian war and all these events after it happened.
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    "I've heard a story that there is a desire to establish a new great Caspian Jewish state from the region just mentioned to the Caspian coast. What kind of coincidence is it that the events started from that area?" Anything can happen.
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    In my opinion, as long as the Russians sell energy, it will not collapse economically and militarily. It weakens to a certain extent, but does not collapse. Its weakening is good for us Turks and Chinese. We will not allow any further at this time. Also, if russia comes to the stage of...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    Dear Anastasius I thing, living in the USA has confused you a lot. The propaganda there has taken you prisoner. While in America, you forgot the geographical and political realities of Central Asia. Do you still think that the USA, the West, Russia, even capitalism and communism distribute...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    In the past, the Soviet Union was strong, then they persecuted the world. The Soviet Union was destroyed, the West remained unstable, strengthened. now westerners are persecuting the world. the only difference was that the soviets were attacking and diving directly. Westerners, on the other...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War Personally, I'm hung up on the lies of the west. They can't fool me anymore. Yes, yes, Putin suddenly attacked Ukraine. yes, yes, there are chemical weapons in iraq...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    Yes, when the west persecuted its puppet zelensky against the russians on the donetsk side, the russians had to intervene militarily in ukraine to stop zelensky and his supporters. We Türks saw this cruel western game very clearly in Cyprus in 1974 and bosnia. in other words, we are...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War ** However, it seems that many of the weapons sent to Ukraine have caused trouble for Kiev, so to speak. The New York Times, one of the leading newspapers of the USA...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War ** Former US President Donald Trump is on the agenda again with the case against him on the charge of "hiding confidential state documents". Trump explained why the 'deep state' is prosecuting him for life in...

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