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    USA United States Air Force

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    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet
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    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet

    absolutly not, this is perfect. I watched this guy several years and when he speaks about certain subjects means order.
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    Casual Discussion Eid al Adha congratulations 🎊

    eid mubarek...
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    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet

    I think Temel Kotil is tyred, he did good work. And it is a good thing to change it, ther is always more driven and a updated people with vision ready.
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    TR Defence Exports & Updates

    Interesting, whats the differences between high and low freq sonar? And Ada do have towed array sonar is that not enough?
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    TR Defence Exports & Updates

    It will have ASW capabilities, they only describe it with ASUW.
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    SU-57 destroyed

    Ther is a Ukrainan account about destroyed a Su-57.. :rolleyes:
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    TR UAV/UCAV Programs | Anka - series | Kızılelma | TB - series

    looks ready to me... :cool:
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    TR Missile & Smart Munition Programs

    i didn't see missile flying away but falling...
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    TR Casual Discussion Çay Bahçesi

    lol why don't you go read the forum...
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    TR UAV/UCAV Programs | Anka - series | Kızılelma | TB - series

    old, the shot down 5 month ago one. they are showing the same video.
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    Live Conflict Israel-Palestine War|Regional Escalations

    nothing will happen..
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    TR UAV/UCAV Programs | Anka - series | Kızılelma | TB - series

    We completed the System Identification and Performance Tests for #BayraktarTB3 and sent it off from our Flight Training and Test Center in Çorlu to Keşan. 👋✈️ They have send TB3 fromKesan to Corlu, something is cooking... :D
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    Breaking News Helicopter carrying Iranian President has reportedly crashed

    At the moment Persian social medya is talking about that they found the crash site but they do not announcing if he is alive or dead.
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    Breaking News New Caledonia Unrest

    20000km away from France, give them ther independency.

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