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    TR Defence Exports & Updates

    So true. In addition, Tusaş must give statement or explanation about the situation immediately like we are looking into that or something like this. But, if what they say is true about titanium certification, Tusaş has to own the responsibility of it to remain reliable supplier. I wonder...
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    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet

    Today there was a general meeting. CEO and GM of TUSAŞ have been replaced. Temel Kotil was the driving force of very important projects, particularly Kaan. His excitement and determination was crucial. Sometimes changing is good but frankly I didnt like it due to timing. I can only hope that...
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    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet

    That is something unexpected
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    TR Missile & Smart Munition Programs

    Roketsan has developed the TR-122 Rocket with Parachute. The developed rocket will fulfill special missions by integrating signal jamming or image collecting heads. The TR-122 Rocket, which has been used by the Turkish Armed Forces for many years, will no longer be used only for target...
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    TR UAV/UCAV Programs | Anka - series | Kızılelma | TB - series

    Exactly. KE is always meant to be cheap and used in numbers. Selçuk Bayraktar himself said in a TV, "6 KEs for the price of 1 5th gen" What is said for F35, it will not go in to dogfight because it doesn't need to. I wonder why not the similar thing is valid for KE. A stealthy aircraft with a...
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    TR Turkish Air Forces|News & Discussion

    Nope, Ozgur and B70 very well be comparable, not now of course but in the very near future. It all comes down performance of the Murad radar. If Murad is as good as advertised it becomes, ozgür will be even more useful for us than B70. Then why not we upgrade all our f16s to özgür? We simply...
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    TR Turkiye's F-35 Project and Discussions

    You may not believe capabilities of TSK, which is ok but that yellow line very sad and impulsive even for not optimistic me. If WE got those F35s against Greece, then it would be a real game changer. Because we invested heavily and for years to network centric warfare. But for Greece I dont...
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    Breaking News Helicopter carrying Iranian President has reportedly crashed

    Of course, procedures to carry the President are much more than that. But I d like to point out that, security and safety are not the same things in aviation. In a nutshell, security is about preventing external threats like sabotage or terrorism, safety is about internal factors that may lead...
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    Breaking News Helicopter carrying Iranian President has reportedly crashed

    There is no need to look for a calf under an ox in this situation my friend. Heli was flying without necessary capabilities for foggy weather and mountainous terrain, no night vision equipment for example. Even 10.000 $ emergency locating transmitter (ELT) was absent. Other helos had to fly...
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    Breaking News Iran-Israel Tensions

    Yep, it may lead a war I am afraid
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    TR Foreign Policy & Geopolitics

    I am from Bitlis as my nick suggests, as I grew up in the region and I think I can say something about that. A similar peace process just brings destruction and terror once again. But, IF what you say is true (it is really pissed me off btw), there is only one "solution": disarmament without...
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    TR Naval Programs

    This brother has a great future, and deserves more love imho The diving tests of Turkey's first autonomous underwater vehicle Deringöz, developed by ASELSAN, have been successfully...
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    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet

    There is no single example we have asked or GE stands the way of exported engines produced by TEI. Not so far at least But TEI can not have the rights of TF35000: By the time TF35000 is ready, there is a possibility that GE might become obstacle. At that point, if we try to nationalize TEI, it...
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    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet

    From the Pilot: - Aircraft was sending over 10.000 real time data to ground - Test control center consists of 50 engineers from 15 different disciplines. They are able to follow the flight much earlier than I felt or saw. - They gave clearance to me every stage of flight - Following pilot...
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    TR TF-X KAAN Fighter Jet

    These words has melt my heart. As a former aviation employee and now an academician, I only add that it is such an important and historic breakthrough, I am of course Muslim but by no means a religious man, I took a wow 5 years ago for its maiden flight and dedicated an offering (adak) to hand...
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    TR Turkish Air Forces|News & Discussion

    This news is most welcome. I prefer EF2000 ten times over F35, not for its capabilities, F35 is more capable; but because of diversification. We cannot %90 or so depend on Americans with F35 for next 50 years again And it is not only for political reasons, which all of us know; but also...
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    Live Conflict Israel-Palestine War|Regional Escalations

    "...Nations that go down with fighting eventually rise again, but those who surrender tamely are finished..." Winston Churchill
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    Live Conflict Israel-Palestine War|Regional Escalations

    It is not about Palestinians, it is about Iran and Israel. Fingerprints of Iran are all over on this picture. They are talking with Israel: "I will built my nukes. If you dare to touch me, you will never live in peace" Let's see how Israel respond to this conversation. Not to the Palestinians...
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    TR Defence Exports & Updates

    President of the El Salvador, Nayip Bukele is one of the most successful leaders of our time, also a smart man. He turned the most dangerous country in the world (yes, more than Syria and Afghanistan in terms of killing rate) into a much safer, actually the safest in Latin America right now...
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    TR F-16 Özgür | Hürkuş - Fighter Trainer Aircraft Projects

    Selçuk Bayraktar last year said Baykar has enough engines for serial production. Last month, he said KE serial production will begin in 2024, I assume they have enough engines for at least LRP. Without radar even Kaan will be useless but I believe Aselsan will sort it out. BTW, I want F35, F22...

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