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    TR Refugee Problem|News & Discussions

    Can you share some more about this? Especially links please.
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    Turkish MilGem Programme and TF-2000 project

    Is it possible to add to topic please? I only read related topics and topics with can be easily distinguishable.
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    TR Propulsion Systems

    Kale Arge also started Turbo Fan motors at 2023. Their design phase is in prorgress. I expect in a few years we see some advances in the field of turbo fan designs.
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    TR Turkiye's F-35 Project and Discussions

    The point is that he is representing clearly government and while he was trying to convince people about the F35 project, I believe he went further and expressed about that part related to tech and know-how transfer. This project by itself is important for our industry. I guess we can take...
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    TR Turkiye's F-35 Project and Discussions

    I would kindly everyone to focus Mete Yarar and his words around 158th seconds. He clearly says that F35 project provided tech transfer to Turkey. I guess it played a very crucial role in the development of KAAN and I wholeheartedly want to return the project. It will not bring some money but...
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    TR Sensors and Detector Programs

    This is so beautiful at all. Would you please write other projects we are waiting? I have been looking for such a nice list for a long time. :) It may be long a list but I guess it would be really important for everybody. I also think that it deserves a separate topic as well.
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    TR Nuclear Energy Program

    Is there any detail regarding transfer of tech? I personally trust Koreans much more than any other country. I expect such a transfer may happen too.
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    TR Major Defence Industry Milestones for 2023

    I guess we need a 2024 version of this topic :)
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    TR Oil & Gas Exploration Update & Discussion

    I guess the consumption will decrease year by year and production rate will increase. I guess every year another 100K will be added on top of this production rate. My blind guess is around 600K it will be break even. I expect around 2029-2030. Please do not ignore the speed of the advance in...
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    TR Oil & Gas Exploration Update & Discussion

    I have checked our daily production rates and it seems there is conflict at here. Why are these numbers conflicting with the numbers at your assumption?
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    TR Economy & Updates

    This calculation in the articale is completely wrong. The true calculation is that Vatandaş will receive not both. He will take only one. Interest or Fixed dollar value. Not both.
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    Defence Fair IDEF 2023

    I am waiting updates about propulsion systems.
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    TR Sensors and Detector Programs

    Dear Merzifonlu Ağabey, next year we will have a new facility to produce chips. I hope this decision has been made by considering this new information as well.
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    TR UAV/UCAV Programs | Anka - series | Kızılelma | TB - series

    I guess our AESA radar has much problems than anticipated. It causes a lot of delays.
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    TR Sensors and Detector Programs

    These will be produced in Malaysia? If we are capable of programming 22nm, why will not our new chip facility use 22nm?
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    TR TFX Name Suggestion Dıscussions

    Ö and Ü letters are difficult to be pronounced by foreigners. I expect something simpler.
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    TR UAV/UCAV Programs | Anka - series | Kızılelma | TB - series

    Can someone please share with us latest monthly production rate of UAVs at Baykar and TUSAS?
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    TR Altay Main Battle Tank & Related Programs

    I see some harsh statements on youtube channel of Kadir Baba. Are these statements true? He really seems knowlegable on this topic and his statements made me pretty sad before. I see this tank as a version 1 and having such bold statements is pretty much negligible on my side but at least I...
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    TR TFX Name Suggestion Dıscussions

    I guess it is Gokturk. :)
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    TR Attack & Utility Helicopter Programs

    We have even two different prototypes for Kizilelma with significant differences in design :)

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