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    TR Defence Exports & Updates

    Article says first 10 tanks, that must be the first batch. What's the total number?
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    TR Marine Mavi Vatan (Blue Homeland)

    Here, paywall removed: Use this to remove paywalls:
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    Why don't Ukraine forces lay mines and IEDs? Would be good for slowing down the Russian forces, would take out some soldiers and vehicles too. Destroy some with mines and explosives, then Russian forces have to slow down with fear of death. Just lay mines and IEDs from wherever they are...
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    Defence Q&A Will the Ukraine Crisis push the US and Türkiye closer together?

    I just finished the video, thanks for sharing. What they are saying? Turkey is not the old weak Turkey US used to deal with, TR is a bigger class of power for some time and has different needs and aspirations. US should accept this reality and treat TR accordingly. TR and US have two...
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    Is Taiwan Next?

    "Is Taiwan Next?" US, Europe, NATO all with their inaction and cowardness, surely encourage China to go ahead and do what they want. All that China face would be condemnation and sanctions.
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    TR Politics

    Then they should be smart and give us the strongest candidate, not the ones who have a chance to lose and their politics would return Turkey to terror ridden days too. To me these guys are as harmful as Erdoğan, just in different ways. I would rather vote for no one.
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    Turkey's future in NATO | Debate & Discussion

    I think Turkey should leave NATO after acquiring nuclar weapons, but don't join any alliance either, stay neutral. Why we should leave NATO? Because the west don't treat us fairly and friendly, they do everything in their power to sabotage our rise. They are friendly with PKK, they are friendly...
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    TR Politics

    I believe Kılıçdaroğlu and İmamoğlu are the kind of guys who would make peace with PKK and PYD-YPG. We almost totally cleared Turkey from PKK, and Syrian branch is scared shitless, they are at the mercy of US and Russia. If one of those becomes president, there will Peace Process 2.0 aka freedom...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    Silver-haired Red Army general Leonid Ivashov, “Out of fifteen republics of the USSR, Ukraine had given us more headache than any other.” Retired Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov spoke out vocally against hypothetical Russia's war with Ukraine. As the chairman of the All-Russian Officers’...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    My post's point was pretty much the same with your point. I don't understand the purpose of your ranting as if i said something different and wrong.
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    No one is Turkey's true friend, except Azerbaijan. Countries we call NATO allies and the west in general keep backstabbing us at every turn. But we can't be allies with the east either, because our interests don't exactly allign in most things. Turkey is too big to accept the role of a vassal...
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    NATO US: We are stronger in NATO with Turkey

    This guy's statements about Turkey are always very positive, i wonder if that's his style or US ordered him to take a positive stance. Anyway, surely there is an effort to fix relations between two countries. But what do they demand from Turkey for friendly relations, and what does Turkey demand...
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    TR Foreign Policy & Geopolitics

    I'm a nationalist. What i want in a leader is not to return to Turkey's old isolationist days, pursue our interests everywhere, be expansionist by all means. What i don't want to see is ruining Turkey's image with his big mouth. Don't anger allies in order to gain popularity inside Turkey...
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    Defence Q&A Will Turkey fully oppose Iran?

    So, still want to believe in conspiracy theories? Or the facts?
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    Turkey, Israel foil Iranian assassination attempt on Israeli businessman
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    Defence Q&A Will Turkey fully oppose Iran?

    Here, both sides confirm Hamas is funded and armed by Iran: Hamas is a militant and political organization currently in power in the Gaza Strip. According to Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National...
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    Defence Q&A Will Turkey fully oppose Iran?

    Well supporting Armenia against Azerbaijan is easy to explain. Iran has millions of Azeri citizens, some of them are separatist too, they want to join their northern Azerbaijan brothers. For Iran, supporting any side against Azerbaijan is the logical choice. Iran is a sectarian force i give you...
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    Defence Q&A Will Turkey fully oppose Iran?

    Many factually incorrect points.
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    Defence Q&A Will Turkey fully oppose Iran?

    Turkey and Iran compete for Iraq. Iran warned us via their militias not to advance any further. Erdoğan's meeting with Israel is important, one of the topics will be Iran and what do with them. UAE, KSA, Egypt, Israel they all suffer from Iran and its militias, they need Turkey's help against...
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    Defence Q&A Turkish drones?

    Great reply, thanks.

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