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  1. DalalErMaNodi

    Bangladesh News Bangladeshi sailor dies in missile attack on ship 'Banglar Samriddhi' at Ukraine port

    Unfortunate news.. I read about this ship being stranded three days ago, surreal that not soon after it got hit..
  2. DalalErMaNodi

    That country is doomed... Even the young ones are like this... Some even worse. IMF lackeys...

    That country is doomed... Even the young ones are like this... Some even worse. IMF lackeys... The mods on there are jokes... Unabashedly biased.
  3. DalalErMaNodi

    Bangladesh Air-Force Bangladesh Air Force

    @Micheal Corleone @F-6 enthusiast
  4. DalalErMaNodi

    Bangladesh Army Bangladesh Army

    Instead of the 25 KM version which is currently available, Bangladesh may receive the upgraded 50KM version, according to this page (they're never wrong).
  5. DalalErMaNodi

    Bangladesh Army Bangladesh Army

    We have two neighbours, Both are our enemies, both are anti muslim, which is a direct threat to us. Myanmar has been claiming our island in the sea as their for the past 10 years, their government also refers to the Rohingya refugees who are Myanmar citizen as "Bengalis" which is an indirect...
  6. DalalErMaNodi

    Bangladesh News Bangladesh - Turkey Relation

    We use the term Bangabandhu more often than the full form anyway, it's more convenient. Bangabandhu is honourific and the Sheikh Mujeeb Rahman is the recipient, so for all intents and purposes simply the term Bangabandhu suffices. We have a Kemal Atatürk Avenue in Bangladesh, and soon we...
  7. DalalErMaNodi

    Bangladesh Air-Force Bangladesh Air Force

    This order is mostly definitely from Bangladesh army, a top Bangladesh defence portal says as much. Bangladesh Air Force, which is responsible for air defence, is also looking into the Hisar - O (O+) system, If they decide it meets their requirements, you can expect an even bigger order...
  8. DalalErMaNodi

    Bangladesh Navy Bangladesh Navy

    That's interesting because the Bangladesh Navy is very very interested in acquiring atmaca for their 6 new next generation frigates which will be built ingeniously all the way through from 2023 to 2030.
  9. DalalErMaNodi

    Army Bangladesh Army's MR-SAM Program

    Hisar is one of the top 3 contenders alongside FK-3 and LY-80e. Although FK-3 isn't technically MR-SAM. If its hisar then it's just another testament to the emerging technological prowess of Turkey and their growing defence cooperation with Bangladesh. May Turkey-Bangladesh relations reach...

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