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  1. Kamran_Shehxad

    Defence Stocks The stock prices of major military corporations have risen in the aftermath of the October 7th assaults in Israel.

    On October 7th, a horrific Hamas strike killed nearly 1,400 Israelis, prompting Israel to launch a powerful military response in the Gaza Strip. This catastrophe has not only produced widespread terror and subsequent bloodshed, but it has also had an influence on the worldwide stock market...
  2. Kamran_Shehxad

    Casual Discussion Is Pakistan's economy suffering from the worst?

    Although it is still too soon to make a firm claim, a number of signs point to the possibility that Pakistan's economy has already overcome the worst of its recent difficulties. There were grave worries that the rupee might continue to collapse in value as a result of the IMF's drive for loosen...
  3. Kamran_Shehxad

    Iran Miraj 532, a new loitering weapon.

    Iran recently unveiled its new Miraj 532 loitering weapon, a new addition to its growing arsenal of military equipment. The Miraj 532 is a highly sophisticated and advanced weapon system designed to enhance Iran's military capabilities and provide it with greater flexibility and precision in its...
  4. Kamran_Shehxad

    News The defense ministry has announced that 8 warships and 42 fighter jets from China.

    The Chinese defense ministry announced that it would be deploying eight warships and 42 fighter jets as part of its naval and air force drills. The announcement has caused a stir in the international community, with many countries expressing concern about the Chinese military buildup. Firstly...

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