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    Supreme Court Must Intervene, US Congress Told

    ‘Once an organisation has the support of the state it does not remain on the fringe’ NEW DELHI: A Congressional briefing led by 17 civil society organisations in the United States brought expert testimony and personal accounts to bear on the recent calls for a genocide of Muslim Indians and...
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    Now is the time for City Council to finally denounce religious discrimination in India

    Council members didn’t pass a resolution last year condemning extremism targeting Christians and Muslims. This year, elected officials must right their wrongs and uphold India’s values of democracy, equality and secularism. Activists shout slogans during a protest against hate speech in New...
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    America’s simmering Hindutva extremism problem

    The Biden administration, whether aware or not, is aiding and abetting the reach and influence of Hindu nationalist groups through associated charity organisations. The Hindu American Foundation (HAF), Sewa International, the Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation, and the Infinity Foundation all have...
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    ‘UNSC should step in to protect Indian minorities’

    Al Jazeera speaks to Juan E Mendez, the first UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, on the genocide call against India’s Muslims. Juan E Mendez, the former UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide [Courtesy: Washington College of Law, American University] Dozens of Hindu...
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    Will Western elites pay due attention to crisis for Muslims in India?

    Hindu extremism targeting Muslims, Christians and other religious believers has been growing in India, but does the Western elites care? In a video on YouTube featuring a conference of right-wing Hindu activists and monks in India last month, Pooja Shakun Pandey, a leader of Hindu Mahasabha, a...
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    How Technology Is Being Used To Perpetuate Islamophobia In India

    The recent arrests of those responsible for the app Bulli Bai, designed to sexualize and humiliate Muslim women through a fake auction, has drawn attention to the profusion of Islamophobia in India. This tension between Hindu and Muslim communities is a longstanding, persistent issue, which is...
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    Indian bishops urged to take a stand as violence against Christians continues to rise

    A group of Catholic clergy and laity in India has said that “the complete silence” of India’s bishops despite a rise in attacks on Christians and other minorities is “shocking” and urged the Catholic Bishops Conference of India to speak out. The Forum of Religious for Justice and Peace wrote a...
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    Muslim women in India singled out for online hate

    An alarming surge in abuse and harassment in cyberspace by nationalist trolls has its origins in Hindutva ideology that fuses chauvinist patriarchy and misogyny. India’s radical Hindu nationalists have unleashed a vicious online blitz targeting Muslim women that is laced with sexual slurs, rape...
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    ‘They cut him into pieces’: India’s ‘love jihad’ conspiracy theory turns lethal

    Hannah Ellis-Petersen and Ahmer Khan in Belgaum Fri 21 Jan 2022 00.00 EST Hindu extremists are carrying out violent attacks to stop interfaith relationships with Muslims It was dark and pelting down with rain as Sameer Parishwadi ran along the railway tracks. Up ahead, as torches darted...
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    Hindu extremists target India’s Christians

    Emboldened Hindu nationalist outfits have unleashed a wave of anti-Christian violence under the pretext of forced conversions, instilling fear in India’s small Christian minority. By: Haris Zargar 18 Jan 2022 Analysis In the midst of unrelenting violence against Muslim and Dalit minorities...
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    Dutch PM Mark Rutte urged to take up Hindu extremism in talks with PM Modi

    The Netherlands’ leader will be on a two-day visit to India from Thursday. Increasing attacks on Dalits and minorities and India’s ‘silent support for Hindu extremism’ had featured in talks the last time he met PM Modi in June 2017 Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has been asked to take up with...
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    Hindu extremists in India escalate rhetoric with calls to kill Muslims

    A petition filed to India’s Supreme Court said recent comments by Hindu nationalist leaders “amount to an open call for murder of an entire community.” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi in 2019. Anti-Muslim sentiment has been rising in India under Modi, a Hindu nationalist...
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    Minorities Face a Restricted Future in India Amid Rise of the Hindutva Movement

    Manoj Joshi, a Distinguished Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation In recent years, India has seen a dismaying and dangerous trend of aggression and physical attacks on its Muslim and Christian communities. According to a Pew Research study, India has one of the highest levels of social...
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    Hindutva Group Members 'Kill' Muslim Man Hours After Giving Anti-Muslim Speech

    The deceased man's friend was also seriously injured. Videos have surfaced online in which Bajrang Dal member Sanju Nalavadi is heard making speeches against Muslims. Sameer Subhansaab Shahpur (20) and his friend Shamseer Khan Pathan (22), were going to a barber shop on a bike when they were...
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    Any Kashmiri journalist will face punitive action under black laws for reporting truth IoK

    Srinagar, January 24 (KMS): Any true and real report by a journalist in occupied Jammu and Kashmir will face punitive action and reward under draconian black laws as was imposed on Journalist Sajad Gul in last week of this month. This is exactly what has happened to Sajad Gul a Kashmiri...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia War

    This German Navy Commander got sacked. They call it a resignation, but I think he got removed
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    What's behind Pakistan's rumoured purchase of Chinese fighter jets?

    LOL Don't flatter yourself. We will find out soon enough when the J-10C takes on Indian Rafale. It will happen sooner or later. Remember how Su-30 and flying coffin were supposed to be sufficient to raze Pakistan to rubble? That tune has changed considerably lately LOL Rafale is now the new...
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    What's behind Pakistan's rumoured purchase of Chinese fighter jets?

    L Says an Indian whose air force is buying fighters right and left from every nook and corner. Have you ever had a look at the IAF that is already dealing with a logistical nightmare. You don't worry about PAF. It is a professional air force that knows how to tackle IAF. This was demonstrated...
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    Tensions between US, Russia rise over military involvement in Kazakhstan

    Very tough proposition for the US. It has only created more challenges for itself.
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    Chinese Space Station: Why US Remains ‘Highly Apprehensive’ Of Tiangong & Fears Ceding Military Edge To Beijing

    More power to China. This would be very good for world stability. As China continues to go from strength to strength, certain powers are getting more paranoid.

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