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    Breaking News China-US War?

    The problem with china is they will never see anyone as allies. Indian left wing weasels and the majority of right wing always had the idea of china being an ally that would fight hand in hand with indians on western dominance and got a reality check quickly when the border issue broke out. Our...
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    Breaking News China-US War?

    Realistically who would support china in such a case? India, japan or south korea aint gonna support it and will actively try to screw the chinese any way possible. Most of the western world certainly aren't for it. Then we have the usual iran, north korea literal pariah states.Even your own...
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    India Navy Indian Navy Corvette Archive

    These sure are some expensive "corvettes ".
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    Bangladesh News Bangladesh Foreign Affairs

    Imraan said the same thing some time ago 🙃
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    India Indian Coffee House

    Our beloved neighbors to the west recently announced that there economy has been now 374 billion dollars from 340 billion last year. A growth of unprecedented 10%. IMF had projected 1% growth. People used to shit on Bangladesh for fudging economic numbers but their growth rate is always near the...
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    India Army Indian Army Armour Archive

    How is this related to any way to arjun?
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    India Navy Indian Navy Aircraft Carrier Archive

    I am glad that better sense prevailed at the end. There was a lot of anti carrier propaganda bring peddled by people mainly from the IAF side of getting the same advantage from stationing fighters in andaman. For a country like us who needs to control the oceans for our trade this is the way to...
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    India Indian Coffee House

    How is it provocative? According to the narrative if it aint indians shooting kashmiris then there is no problem to anyone. Pakistan is the champ of kashmiri human rights in UN but when kashmiris asked for some basic deeds they got George floyd treatment and if anyone saw it as being provocative...
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    India Indian Coffee House

    Aljazeera and the so called human rights violation gang would not cover this 🤡. This is the azadi Pakistan gives them and i am all for it.
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    India India Deploys Three Warships To South China Sea Indian shipyards are already in a frenzy to sign MSRA agreements with US navy. Along with this massive deal.
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    India Breaking News Arabian Sea Operations (Anti-Piracy, Houthi theatre)

    As usual indian coast guard or navy doing what nuclear power pakistan is supposed to do. They have two maritime security agencies the pakistan coast guard and PMSA both dont have a single large petrol vessel for doing any rescue.
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    India Indian Coast Guard Archive

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    Azerbaijan Armenia Tensions People will believe even a Pakistani osint account posting from a slum without knowing the details.also having a fancy name like air operations syndicate also...
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    Bangladesh News Bangladesh - India Relation

    The hijacked Bangladeshi crewed ship was intercepted by the indian navy just a day before the whole MV ruen saga and media got it fumbled up as usual when running to cover the story up front. If the company agreed IN would have saved the crew. Instead they are now giving upto the pirate demands...
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    India Breaking News Arabian Sea Operations (Anti-Piracy, Houthi theatre)

    Operator on the top left 🤣

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