Israel AIR LORA IAI ballistic missile


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Israel Aerospace Industries introduced the AIR LORA ballistic missile. The AIR LORA missile is based on the Israeli LORA ballistic missiles, but the missile can now be launched from aircraft. The AIR LORA missile is designed to destroy protected targets, command centers and other infrastructure. The missile's advanced INS/GPS navigation and reliable protection against GNSS interference, as well as a 90-degree angle of attack, allow it to confidently hit targets. The missile is equipped with an inertial navigation system for target guidance, which is combined with GPS navigation. The characteristics of the rocket were not reported. The approximate probable deviation of the missile from the target does not exceed 10 meters. The missile warhead has a mass of 240, 400-440 and 600 kg. Depending on the warhead, the maximum flight range of the missile also varies; it ranges from approximately 90 to 430 kilometers; when launched from an aircraft, the missile flies further. The approximate diameter of the rocket is 625 mm, length - 5.2 meters, weight - 1600 kg.


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