Russia Armored car Typhoon-VDV K-4386 of Russia


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Armored car K4386 "Typhoon-VDV" was first shown in 2017, the car is equipped with a combined protection corresponding to class 5, which provides protection against an explosion of 6 kg of TNT under the wheel or 4 kg under the bottom. The machine was developed taking into account the requirements of the Airborne Forces and is intended to solve a wide range of tasks. The armored car is equipped with a BM-30-D remotely controlled by combat modules with a 30-mm 2A42 cannon and a PKTM machine gun. The search for targets is carried out by a block of optoelectronic equipment. The crew and troops of the armored car are placed in energy-absorbing seats. The machine is equipped with a 350 hp engine. and automatic transmission. The suspension is made on the basis of hydropneumatic shock absorbers. The maximum speed of the car is 100 km / h, the power reserve is 1200 km. The combat weight of the armored car in the basic configuration is 13.5 tons.

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