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Footage of the work of the Russian military field kitchen PAK-200M has been published. The PAK-200M field car kitchen has been produced since 2107 and is placed on the Kamaz 5350 chassis. A feature of the PAK-200M is its mobility - you can cook food both in the parking lot and on the move. Two field kitchen chefs can feed 200 people with three types of dishes. The kitchen has 80 liter cooking pots and two 150 liter pots. Boilers are heated with kerosene, diesel fuel or wood. The kitchen can produce 100 liters of boiling water and 150 liters of soup in an hour. The kitchen is equipped with a two-chamber refrigerator and two cabinets. The kitchen has two working tables, a tub for washing products, a vegetable cutter, a meat grinder and other mechanisms. PAK-200M kitchen water heating time up to 95 degrees 70 minutes, diesel fuel consumption 12 kg per hour, boiling water tank capacity 350 liters. Currently, the Russian army operates about 10 thousand field kitchens of various modifications.

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