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The four-week winter training 2021-2022 "Anushilan Nabadiganta" conducted by the Bangladesh Army ended on Thursday with the final attack exercise in the Chechua Bazar area of Muktagachha upazila in Mymensingh, read a press release issued by the Inter Services Public Relations Directorate.

The 9th Infantry Division (Savar Area) of the Bangladesh Army successfully conducted this exercise. Armoured fleet, APC, long-range MLRS as well as Army paratroopers and Air Force fighter jets participated in the exercise. Paratroopers descended from an Army CASA 295 aircraft.

Chief of Army Staff General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed observed the exercise of the concluding ceremony. Principal Staff Officers of the Army Headquarters, GOC Army Training and Doctrine Command and other senior military officers were also present on the occasion.

Later, the army chief distributed blankets among about 2,000 poor and helpless people at the Harinakanda Government Primary School ground in Jamalpur sadar upazila, the press release added.

Earlier on Sunday, Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Ataul Hakim Sarwar Hasan briefed the chief of army staff on the progress of the ongoing operation at the army field command post and Quartermaster General Lieutenant General Md Saiful Alam on logistics activities.

Journalists and other media personnel of the Defence Journalists Association of Bangladesh were present on the occasion. After a press briefing on winter training at the Army Field Headquarters Media Cell, the army chief answered various questions from the media personnel.

On 19 December 2021, for winter training, all the formations of the Army and the Army Headquarters were fully deployed in their respective areas of responsibility. This is the first time that the Bangladesh Army has conducted a logistics field training exercise on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

Recently acquired weapons and equipment were used in this year's exercise, and for the first time, Army logistics installations are deployed outdoors. All in all, this winter training of the army was very fancy and realistic. All members of the army participated in this winter exercise with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

The media release said apart from training, the army stands by the people in all possible fields. Efforts will continue to be made to build the Bangladesh Army as a world-class force through practical and up-to-date training, the chief of army staff said.

The efforts to build the Bangladesh Army as a world-class force through realistic and up-to-date training, will continue, said Chief of Army Staff General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed on Thursday.

"Apart from the training, Bangladesh Army stands by the people in all possible sectors," he said while talking to reporters after witnessing the winter exercise of Bangladesh Army in Mymensingh.

The four-week long winter exercise of Bangladesh Army concluded at Chechu Bazar in Muktagachcha upazila of Mymensingh district.

The 9th Infantry Division of Bangladesh Army conducted the training titled 'Training Nabodiganta' successfully.

Gen. Shafiuddin witnessed the exercise with other Army personnel.

The Army chief also said technology has advanced in the world and uses of technologies in battlefields can be seen now. "Artificial intelligence has also been taken under cognizance so that we can enrich the force by adding this technology in our future battle plan."

About the exercise session, he said this exercise increases the capacity of the army members to perform their duty efficiently and confidently.

Asked about procuring modern armoured vehicles, Gen. Shafiuddin said, "The prime minister has set a goal to modernize the force, especially the aviation, with addition of advanced airplanes and choppers.

"You all see our members coming out from Bangladesh Army Aviation's airplane which is not able to be operated in such weather. So you can see the efficiency of the force. I'm so happy about this efficiency."

About the capability of the force in the cyber field, he said there is a plan to enhance cyber capability in the force's goal.

"Note that everything cannot be covered in a single exercise. This exercise focused on logistics capability."

Female members from Bangladesh Army and fighter jets of Bangladesh Air Force alongside the armoured vehicles and MLRS participated in the exercise.

The principal staff officers of Army Headquarters, General Officer Commanding, Army Training and Doctrine Command (GOC ARTDOC) and senior military officers were present there.

Earlier on Sunday, Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Ataul Hakim Sarwar Hasan briefed about the details of the exercise to the Chief of Army Staff while Lieutenant General Md Saiful Alam, quarter master general briefed about the logistics activities.

Members of Defense Journalist Association of Bangladesh and other media personnel were present there.

Later, the Army Chief also replied to different questions of media about the winter exercise while attending a press briefing, held at Army Field Headquarter Media Cell.

Bangladesh Army organized the logistic filed training exercise for the first time on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh Army.

The arms and ammunition collected recently were used in the exercise, started on December 19, 2021.

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