Taiwan BGM-71E ATGM,Taiwan Army


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The Taiwan Army conducted exercises using the BGM-71E ATGM. The American TOW-2A ATGM entered service in 1987 and is one of the most popular ATGMs in the world; ATGM missiles are constantly being modernized. The TOW-2A missile has a tandem warhead and can hit targets at ranges of up to 3,750 meters; the missile is controlled by wire. When a missile hits a target, the charge forms a cumulative jet, which triggers the dynamic protection of the attacked object, after which the cumulative jet of the main charge, which is subsequently triggered, penetrates up to 900 mm of homogeneous armor. The ATGM is considered simple and reliable, and has good reviews for use in conflicts in the Persian Gulf. The mass of the main ATGM charge is 5.9 kg, the auxiliary charge weighs 300 grams. The TOW-2 ATGM is in service with 40 countries.

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