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The Chinese Navy has published a promo video about the destroyers of project 055. The first destroyer of the 4th generation, project 055, was first launched in 2014. Type 055 destroyers are so large that they are classed as cruisers in the US. Ships of this series are being built very quickly, short construction times have been achieved due to the modular-sectional approach. The ship is equipped with a Type 346B radar capable of detecting large targets at ranges up to 600 km. The destroyer has modular vertical launchers for missiles, the total ammunition load is 112 missiles. To destroy surface and coastal targets, the destroyer can use YJ-18 and CJ-10 cruise missiles. Air defense at medium and long ranges is carried out using HHQ-9 and HHQ-16 missiles. There are also CY-5 anti-submarine missiles. The ship is equipped with a 130-mm artillery system, 30-mm machine guns, an HJ-10 anti-aircraft system with 24 missiles and electronic warfare systems. To combat underwater targets, there are two 324 mm torpedo tubes. The displacement of the ship is 13,000 tons. At the moment, the destroyers of this project are considered among the most powerful in the world.

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