HUAWEI: 20% of new cars in China will be autonomous vehicles in 2030


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HUAWEI: 20% of new cars in China will be autonomous vehicles in 2030
Gabriella From Gasgoo| September 23 , 2021

Beijing (Gasgoo)- China’s telecom giant HUAWEI released the Intelligent World 2030 report, discussing the future and expectations of how intelligent technologies change the world in a decade.


photo credit: HUAWEI

According to the report, vehicle electrification and intellectualization will be unstoppable in a decade, and ICT technology is inclining to be integrated with the auto industry. The industry will witness the development of intelligent driving, intelligent space, intelligent service, and intelligent production. In the meantime, HUAWEI hopes to implement its ICT technology into the intellectualization of the industry, helping automakers make better cars.

The ultimate goal of intelligent driving is to substantially reduce traffic accidents via technologies such as autonomous driving and provide users with a highly efficient and seamless transportation experience. Autonomous driving will be applied in closed-road scenarios first, including highways and campuses, then gradually cover open-road urban scenarios.

The report says, by virtue of ICT technology, future cockpits will present new features through applications of artificial intelligence, biometric recognition, onboard optical sensors, and AR/VR. Intelligent vehicles will truly transform from mobile space to smart living space combined with virtuality and reality.

In 2030, autonomous driving vehicles will account for over 20% of China’s new car sales, and over half of the new cars sold will be electric vehicles, HUAWEI predicted. In addition, the company projected that the future vehicle computing power would be at least 5000TOPS, while in-vehicle network transmission speed per link will exceed 100Gbps.

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