Russia In Russia, the production of 375 Cheytac sniper cartridges has begun.


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In Russia, they began to produce sniper cartridges 10.3x77 millimeters Cheytac. Until recently, American and Australian-made cartridge cases were purchased for cartridges of this caliber, and gunpowder was purchased in the USA and Finland. Now mass production of 375 Cheytac caliber cartridges has been started at Lobaev Arms, located in Tarusa, Kaluga region. Lobaev Arms specializes in the production of civilian and service sniper weapons, the rifles of this manufacturer are popular all over the world. The Russian cartridge for sniper rifles is assembled from shells developed by Lobaev Arms and gunpowder from one of the Kazan enterprises. The Cheytac-type cartridge was created in the USA in 2001 by designers John Taylor and William Wardman. According to some reports, the maximum range of the Cheytac cartridge is 3000 meters.


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