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The first Iron Beam laser air defense system developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will enter service with the Israeli Army within 18 months. Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said a decision had been made to deploy a “protective laser wall” around Israel over the next 12 months. The Iron Beam laser air defense system will become the fifth element of Israel's integrated air defense system, along with Arrow 2, Arrow 3, David's Sling and Iron Dome. The first successful tests of the Iron Beam air defense took place in 2022, one interception of the laser air defense system will cost $4, compared to one interception of the Iron Dome air defense missile system at $50,000. The Iron Beam battery consists of an air defense radar, a command and control unit and two high-energy solid-state lasers with a power of up to 150 kW. The system uses two lasers to provide the power needed to overcome atmospheric interference and physically destroy a target by focusing the beams into a single "coin-sized area." The Iron Beam air defense system is designed to destroy missiles, artillery shells, mortar mines and UAVs at a range of up to 7 kilometers, some sources indicate up to 20. The ground-based Iron Beam system is designed for installation on a car or armored vehicle, experiments have been carried out on installation and on airplane.


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