Russia Ivan Khurs(project 18280) attacked by Ukrainian drones.


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The reconnaissance ship "Ivan Khurs" of the Black Sea Fleet arrived at the permanent base in Sevastopol. Earlier on May 24, it was reported that the ship was attacked by sea drones. As you can see from the video, the ship is intact and has no roll and visible damage. The medium reconnaissance ship "Ivan Khurs" of project 18280 is the most modern reconnaissance ship in Russia, the first ship of this project was commissioned into the fleet in 2015. The main purpose of the ship is to provide communications, conduct radio reconnaissance and electronic warfare, and also monitor the components of the American missile defense system. The ship's equipment captures radio signals in a wide frequency range and determines the location of their source. The ship is capable of receiving and quickly processing a huge amount of information via several channels at once and coordinating the actions of the fleet. The armament of the ship, four naval pedestal installations with 14.5-mm machine guns and several MANPADS. The total displacement of the ship is 4,000 tons, cruising range is 8,000 miles, with a maximum speed of 20 knots. The autonomy of the ship is 45 days, the crew is 120 people.

Video of the attack by Ukrainian naval drones on the Russian warship Ivan Khurs on May 24 in the Black Sea. The Russian reconnaissance ship of project 18280 "Ivan Khurs" was attacked 140 kilometers northeast of the Bosphorus. Reportedly, all the drones that attacked the ship were destroyed by the standard weapons of the ship. The episode of repelling the attack of Ukrainian naval drones is shown on the video. According to the latest data, one sea drone broke through to the ship, the video of this attack by the Ukrainian drone is in the telegram channel.


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