Norway And Germany Reach Agreement On 212CD Submarine Contract

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Sep 28, 2020
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The Norwegian Ministry of Defense announced that an agreement has been reached regarding the Type 212CD submarines. There is also agreement on the joint acquisition of missiles, as well as the development of the Future Naval Strike Missile.​

Xavier Vavasseur 23 Mar 2021

According to the statement issued today, Norway and Germany entered into a strategic in 2017 consisting in maritime equipment collaboration aimed at jointly procuring identical submarines and naval missiles.
There is now an agreement between Norway and Germany’s procurement organizations and the ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems yard on the contract for new, identical submarines. There is also agreement on the joint acquisition of missiles, as well as the development of the Future Naval Strike Missile.

Before the final contract can be signed, the German part of the contract must be considered and approved by the German parliament. Signing is scheduled for the summer.

According to the statement, the first submarine will be delivered in 2029. The total cost framework for submarine projects is NOK 45 billion. In addition to the submarine contract, this framework includes arms procurement, implementation costs and contingency provisions.

“The submarine capacity will be essential in the work of securing our and NATO’s northern flank. At the same time, economies of scale are achieved by operating identical vessels. The submarine project is closely linked to the joint acquisition of the modern anti-surface missiles Naval Strike Missile, as well as the joint development of a future Future Naval Strike Missile. With this, Norwegian jobs will be secured well into the next decade. It is reassuring that it is the world’s leading manufacturer of conventional submarines that will now start producing the heirs of the Ula class

Norway’s Minister of Defense Frank Bakke-Jensen.

About Type 212CD​

After a comprehensive evaluation process, the Norwegian Government decided on Germany as strategic partner for new submarines in February 2017. The partnership is based on a German-Norwegian common purchase and lifetime management of identical, new submarines. The submarines will be based on the Type 212A and specifically tailored to the requirements of the two nations. The Type 212CD (Common Design) will combine the low signatures of the 212A with extended range, speed and endurance to allow worldwide operations. As part of the cooperation with Norway, Germany is set to procure two more submarines of the type (in a group purchase with Norway who will get four). The German Navy already operates six 212A submarines.

ORCCA will be the combat management system of these new submarine.

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